Isn’t it strange how you can’t get what you expect?

I’ve been looking forward to going to anime evolution all year, it’s the only Canadian anime con that’s close enough for me to go. So after working on my AE mascot contest entry for a few hours, I went to the site to check the entry mailing address again. Then I saw this.

It seems that that the unversity has some kind of event and can’t host AE, even though it’s already been booked. Upon announcement, hundreds of posts flooded the forums with a few short hours. I live near SFU and I didn’t pre-order my tickets, so even if it does get cancelled, I won’t lose much. But, there are people who already spent hundreds of dollars on cosplay outfits and plane tickets, and they did nothing to deserve disappointment like that. From the look of things, the staff didn’t know about it either, and thet are running around like mad trying to fix everything. Hopefully AE won’t be cancelled, especially not a month before it’s supposed to begin.

Then I found out that a book I’ve also been looking forward to for a few months, style school vol.2, which is supposed to have been published on July 16, still isn’t released yet. Now, I don’t really know about the whole printing process, but why isn’t a book released after it’s been published? I don’t get it at all.

Well, I’m wishing that both things will sort themselves out over time, and hopefully before summer vacation is over.


One thought on “Isn’t it strange how you can’t get what you expect?

  1. That’s just horrible Choux, I hope they work things out so you can still go.

    Sorry to hear about your book too.

    Imouto is having the same problem, she’s been waiting for the next part of the Viewfinders Series, for 2 years I think. Its down to a dispute with the companies, so until they resolve it, Binky Imouto is without her man porn!!!

    Actually she isn’t because Onee-chan is good to her and has burned her copies of scans she found… But still she can’t wait for it to actually get her so she can hold a copy in her hands.

    I hate it when stuff like this happens, I want to burn down Harmony Gold’s offices.


    Hmm I’ve noticed I’ve been in a ranty mood of late… sorry bout that.

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