Nabari no Ou 15 + 16

Due to my extreme laziness last week, I’ll be covering two episodes of Nabari this week. Plot-wise, both Banten and Kairoushuu make it out unscathed, the Kairoushuu having obtained the kinjutsu scroll Daya. After reading little bits and excerpts of the manga, I think this Kouga arc has been a little rushed. However, maybe they need to rush, as there are ten episodes left. Hopefully this series will end with the same blast as it has started out with.

From watching the past two episodes, it is obvious that Kouichi’s character is more developed. While we’re still waiting on Thobari’s development – I find it harder and harder not to be annoyed at his actions (keeping Miharu from saving Yoite) – I’ll take a more in-depth look on Kouichi.

I like Kouichi’s aggressive and dangerous side. While everyone assumed that Kouichi was dead, having been shot by Kannuki-sensei of the Kouga clan in the previous episode, it was a shock to see him alive and well. And singlehandedly, like Rambo, Kouichi takes out all enemies and saves the day. Unrealistic, yes, but I guess if you can’t die, you might as well make yourself useful.

So there you have it – Kouichi’s secret revealed. He, and along with Miharu’s white cat, Shiratama, are products of the Shinrabanshou. Unable to die as they watch others around them disappear, Kouichi also reveals to Thobari that he wishes to use the Hijutsu to free himself from his immortality.

In fact, Kouichi is much older than Thobari. A bit unsettling, as Kouichi also tells Thobari that he knows where Banten’s scroll, Engetsurin, is hidden. (Rather a weird place…)

I’ve always wanted an earring like Thobari’s. If you don’t understand still, well…

Anyhow, as all on Kouichi is revealed, it is still a mystery on how he will act in future episodes. I believe that even though he knows Thobari is against using the Shinrabanshou, Kouichi will use all means to erase his curse.

Meanwhile, looking at the Kairoushuu, Yoite is still alive. However, although Miharu explicitly expresses his wishes using the Hijutsu to save Yoite, Hattori says that Yoite will die soon, and that the Hijutsu should be used specifically for the good of mankind.

Suffice to say Hattori only wants to use the Hijutsu for his own purposes and grand goal. Because of this, Miharu and Yoite leave, wanting to obtain the Banten scroll before anyone else. They arrive at Thobari’s house, only to be subjected to Hana-san’s loving kindness once again. The episode thus ends, as Yukimi shows up at the house.


  • It seems that Hana-san is somewhat of a mother figure to Yoite and Miharu, although Nabari juxtaposes both childhoods. While Yoite reacts fearfully and angrily towards Hana’s love, Miharu smiles, reminded of his own mother.
  • Fuuma-dono seems to be the mastermind behind everything – the rest of the characters seem to be mere pawns in his game.
  • The new ED for this week is really mellow. In fact, I dislike it, and believe that Elisa’s “Hikari” is better. And it seems that Nabari really will be shounen-ai.


12 thoughts on “Nabari no Ou 15 + 16

  1. Noooooooooooo not buttsecks!!!!

    And YAY for Kouichi, from reading the manga I knew his secret, but I still don’t like it when he gets hurt. At least knowing he’s very old it makes sense as to why he has it more together than Thobari Sexy Sensei.

  2. @omisyth: haha, then you’d better stop watching? things are only going to get more heated from now on :] (although they already have)

    @Sakura: LOL, yeah the manga tends to spill stuffs. Have you read about Yoite? I won’t explain it here, but if you’ve skipped around the manga, it’s explained somewhere.


  3. Wow, this post is old. -___-

    Uhm, Liang, I’m pretty sure that it’s a cuff earring. Although I have yet to find one just like it.. :/

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