Antique Bakery 4

Bringing your weekly dose of cake pr0n, as coined by issa-sa. However, I can’t say much on the ratio of the focus of each episode: cake or shounen-ai. Either way, it doesn’t disappoint me.

I actually have no idea what that is. A chocolate covered apple?

Anyhow, the main event of this week is more development into Chikage and Yusuke’s relationship. Chikage is extremely pure and innocent and maybe borderline idiot. And don’t forget, extremely tall, as it seems to be a running gag of Antique’s for Chikage to slam his forehead into door frames.

After coming close to kissing Yusuke, Chikage apologizes for his actions. Also just terribly oblivious, Chikage doesn’t understand that Yusuke wants buttsecks. Unfortunately, this is bad, cause Yusuke’s also a two-timer.

After being confronted by his lover in front of Chikage, Yusuke denies having anything to do with Chikage, causing him to run off to Tachibana’s apartment in tears. Tachibana slaps Yusuke, actually showing concern for Chikage, which is unusual. Anyhow, the drama ends with Yusuke apologizing to Chikage.

Not something you usually see either, but then again, they’ve already danced with each other in the rain.

So Tachibana actually cares for Chikage, as he offers Chikage work at the Bakery. Which ends up like this:

Supposedly making eye-candy for the women, which I don’t understand. Maybe if Tachibana got rid of that ridiculous scruffy facial hair, he’d look way younger. Shounen-ai just doesn’t work for me if the characters look like they’re older than 30.

Other Thoughts

  • I’m glad that although this is slice of life, there’s a central plot line following the kidnapping of Tachibana. Still plagued at night by nightmares of eating cake. Haha, it’s like an attack of the EVIL MUFFINS.
  • I want more cake shots.


11 thoughts on “Antique Bakery 4

  1. Yup, the serious story starts NOW. And about time, too – if you don’t know the background of the manga… then this makes no sense, until you see the detective showing up here. But it explains Tachibana’s aversion to cake… among other things.

  2. @Haesslich: well then, that makes sense. yay for some “serious story”! :] Actually I haven’t read the manga at all.

    @Sakura: LOL. I had a brownie last night, but that can never substitute in for cake.

  3. I pity the people who ignore this because of the assumption that it’s all buttsecks. Incidentally, I almost skipped this because I thought it wouldn’t have any!

  4. @Shin: Pretty cakes -> looks yummy -> enjoyment factor. Not so much the buttsecks cause they look OLD, except for Eiji >.<

  5. @Hoshi, I think you put brownies on my brain! Since we are heading out to a friends house today for some grilled food and all I could think of to make was brownies.

    I would rather have made that triple layer chocolate pie, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping it cold til we get there.

    Hmm maybe they’ve cooled enough I can go make the icing for them now…

  6. Shin: From what I recall, the buttsecks doesn’t take place during the manga at all, at least not between any of the main characters. If you want to look up the doujin done by the artist herself, set after the main manga’s done…

  7. @ryan: ah, thanks for letting me know! Either way, it looks good. :] Wow, I congratulate you for finding this post, lol. I wrote this like, more than 3 months ago? haha

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