Blade of the Immortal 2 [Seifuku]

UN-believable. In one episode, I find myself liking the OP. Weird.

Thank God, episode two is much better to watch than the crap we had to put up with last week. There is hope for my continuing to blog this show.

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Code geass R2 ep 16

Yes, I know this is late.

I LOVED THIS MOMENT. The only way that this would have been funnier was if Nunally was doing it. Comon, think about it, Nunally miraculously stands up, punches Suzaku, and yells, “how DARE you try to seduce my onii-chan!!!!”

Oh no… death flag…. please don’t start killing everyone sunrise…..

Cries….. That’s cuter tham most cutesy scenes in shoujo manga.

… no comment. Because I’m too scared. If you haven’t watched this already, that line was said by Lulu. Yes, Lulu.

A new theme

Well, there was some problems… Ohh, but first, I’ve scheduled 2 posts to come up within a few hours, as my computer died completely and I know that I won’t be able to get it back up within a few days. AAANNNNNDDDDDD…… I just got my deluxe edition of Remember11!!!!! *Squeals*

By the way, we Hoshi changed the theme (I, personally, am too scared to touch anything), and I added a pretty new banner!

This is the orginal image, which I scaled down to fit. For the the original, gigantic image, please to go Hunting the elusive where it was scanned.

This picture was drawn by Ito Noizi.If you don’t know about her, read on. And if you want to see some of her beautiful art, also read on.

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