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Well, there was some problems… Ohh, but first, I’ve scheduled 2 posts to come up within a few hours, as my computer died completely and I know that I won’t be able to get it back up within a few days. AAANNNNNDDDDDD…… I just got my deluxe edition of Remember11!!!!! *Squeals*

By the way, we Hoshi changed the theme (I, personally, am too scared to touch anything), and I added a pretty new banner!

This is the orginal image, which I scaled down to fit. For the the original, gigantic image, please to go Hunting the elusive where it was scanned.

This picture was drawn by Ito Noizi.If you don’t know about her, read on. And if you want to see some of her beautiful art, also read on.

Wait, what? you seriously don’t know about Ito Noizi? She did the original illustrations for the Shakugan no Shana and Haruhi Suzumiya novels! (yes, those series were based off of light novels, you know, books with pages of words and a few pictures in each book) She also did the illustrations for a few eroges, which led to a lot of her works have fanservice. Now, while her earlier art was very sketchy, award, and a bit blah on colors, she later adopted a style that’s very high in saturation and light (though her most recent drawings are softer in terms of color), adding that to the popular series she was illustrating, made her extremely popular.

Then, starting in the later volumes of Haruhi (where, for a while, i thought her art was getting sloppy), her art began to change, with different colors, more flamboyant character designs, heavy eyelashes, and a lot more lipstick and blush. This change was very apparent in the eroge Alice parade, where (I personally thought) the feeling of the art was drastically different from her previous eroge, Nanatsuiro drops. Now, her characters looks a bit older than her previous, loli looking, characters.

Personally, I have both her guren and Kaen art books, along with Nanatsuiro drops, which she did the art for. Beside those art books, she also has her own doujin called Fujitsubo machine and a manga called bee-be-beat it!

She’s currently working on a new eroge (as both novels that she illustrates are on hiatus right now) called Flyable heart. Here’s a link to some of the promotional images. Also, hunting the elusve, which is an excellent site, has a scan of a leaflet of flyable hearts and many other goodies.

Here are some pictures:

If people ends up liking these little artist posts I’ll write more of them in the future.


14 thoughts on “A new theme

  1. @ lelangir: you know, the sole reason I played that game was because of Noizi-sensei’s art. Though I was plesantly surprised about how good the game was.
    @ sakura: really? you don’t think it’s too long winded?
    @ ria: thanks, when I saw the picture I just had to share it with people.
    @ blissmo: Haha, the pics were scavenged over the years….. now they are finally coming out instead of gathering dust in my pc.

  2. T___T you’re a lifesaver. Thanks for the pretty banner Choux! … Actually I was kind of scared to change the theme too, I wanted you guys to like it.

    I had to change it to this last minute Shin, cause technical difficulties appeared last night and this was the only one that fit.

  3. The theme change actually happened while I was browsing the site, and I thought “Oh Crap, what did I do?!” for a second. But you’ve changed the header so now my blogroll comment makes no sense ;_;

  4. @Choux, oh no I didn’t think it was too long winded at all! You always see all this beautiful art all over the place, its nice to know a little bit about where it came from ^-^

    @omisyth, LOL sorry we were giving you heart attacks, hopefully you don’t miss Natsuki too much though.

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