Blade of the Immortal 2 [Seifuku]

UN-believable. In one episode, I find myself liking the OP. Weird.

Thank God, episode two is much better to watch than the crap we had to put up with last week. There is hope for my continuing to blog this show.

I apologize for the lack of quality these pictures hold; the episode was in mp4 format and my media player doesn’t play anything in mp4.

Anyhow, this episode is the beginning of a journey that I hope will be portrayed as accurately and perfectly as it has been portrayed in the manga. This week offers background on Rin’s past.

Little Rin is cute.

Little Rin is cute.

I don’t know how old she is in this picture, but she’s praying that a “rain of blood” will never fall upon anyone. Unfortunate, because a few years later, at the age of fourteen, that’s exactly what happens.



And thus, we are introduced formally to the Itto-ryu, led by Anotsu Kagehisa. The past is revealed – his grandfather was kicked out of the Asano dojo by Rin’s great-grandfather because he had no rules or form that was deemed necessary for the successor of the dojo. Kagehisa vows to overtake all the dojos, to create a sword style that is dictated not by rules and form, but by superior skills. Kagehisa then kills Rin’s father, and leaves her mother’s fate to his subordinates. For some reason, however, he allows Rin to live unscathed.

This is the wierdest way to get raped.

This is the wierdest way to get raped.

Rin tells this all to Manji. By the beginning of the episode (I forgot to say), Yaobikuni, the witch in the first episode, tells Rin to find him, because he will help her with her revenge. Rin declares to Manji that she is willing to give up everything for revenge. Manji tells her to prove it, and she decides to “give” herself to him. But Manji, seeing her about to take off her clothes, is reminded of his dead sister. He slaps Rin, and apologizes. Rin, defeated, gets up to leave, but Manji stops her, and says “Let’s go.” Thus begins our protagonists’ adventures.


Much better. And less rushed than the first episode. I definitely liked the little song at the end of the episode.

… Have I forgotten something? It seems like a short episode summary…

Best Drawing of Manji I've EVAR seen.


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