Remember 11

This is a post that I wrote because I know that my computer would still be dead right now.

Now, let us admire the glory of the deluxe Taiwan edition of Remember11. No, I haven’t played it yet. computer’s dead, remember? Now stop thinking about thoughts that’s like rubbing salt on the wound to me!

The box that it came in

In counterclockwise order: The large case that store t all, the dvd case, the walk through/artwork, and the novel. Yes, this edition comes with a 415 page novel.


From the back. I know my photographing skills are bad, okay? It’s just that I almost never touch a camera, that’s all…

The cd

And this is the side of the box. You can see that there are characters printed on the tabs, I thought that was interesting.

I can’t wait until my computer’s re-installed and running again….this will definitely take priority over what I thought I was going to play, which, by the way, was dear pianissimo.


3 thoughts on “Remember 11

  1. Ooooooh *is distracted by the pretty things* I spot a rather yummy looking guy on the cover!

    I hope you get your computer up and running again soon, I look forward to your review of this ^-^

    Mine has been giving me checksum errors for months now. I know I need to shut it down, open it up and grab that stupid battery out of the motherboard, but I’ve been putting it off for months now, I really need to get off my ass and do it.

  2. @ritchan: Bad? It was a commercial disaster! (not to mention one of the biggest reasons KID went bankrupt). The only people who like it are people who have played the 2 previous games in the franchise because many key concepts just aren’t explained in this game. Not to mention that the ending was totally weird and no answers are handed to you on a silver platter unlike Ever17, so everyone who didn’t bother to take notes (like me) while playing was stuck being confused about everything.
    And the game was HUGE. Especially because you have to apply a patch that extracts the voices from the game in order for them to play (which, by the way, is really stupid). Of course, now fans came up with a patch that fixes the whole voice thing, but the entire game was just really bad in terms of programming.
    Oh, and I got the same version as you, right down to the novel (which was pretty much useless) and the commercials.

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