Macross Frontier 17 – Goodbye Sister

Bobby has good taste, and during this episode Cathy really starts to get her good taste in men back.

There are some nice flashbacks in this episode, starting right at the beginning. Setting the mood with some nostalgic music from Firebomber, Ozma is thinking back to the day he brought Ranka home. You know that stuff you usually do as you check your clip and load up your gun.

Back in those days the badly traumatized, chibi, and utterly adorable Ranka-chan, had dead soulless eyes and wouldn’t utter a word. So her wonderful Nii-chan bakes her a pineapple cake and finally gets to hear her speak. But instead of enthusiastic words of gratitude, or comments about how wonderful his baking is, she launches herself into his arms telling him how bad it tastes. But considering she actually spoke the clean-shaven Ozma doesn’t seem to have minded all that much.

On a blog, far far away, there is a green-haired trap, twitching with joy at the image of chiba Ranka-chan.

A word of advice to you all from the yummy Alto-hime and Mikhail-kun, don’t get caught with a girl in the barracks, and don’t call Cathy a demon. She’ll just make you do more laps round the hanger in your Ex-Gear. Although if they want to do that more often, the girls and Bobby can continue to enjoy fan service shots of Alto-hime and Mikhail-kun in the shower. ^-^ Well it’s only fair since the boys got some nice shots of Sheryl in the shower back in episode 8.

For the girls and Bobby

It’s a pity the boys didn’t catch Cathy later, when she was reminiscing about days gone by when she was having hawt, hawt, steamy sex, with a young, clean shaven and yummylicious Ozma. I’m sure she would have been in a more forgiving mood then or maybe not as her mood sours when she remembers he was very caught up in piloting and taking care of his little sister, leaving little time for relationships, baka…
But they both seem to be looking back on past times fondly at the moment. The spark is still there, they just need to jump each others bones and do it, DO IT! Ozma does want her to make him pineapple cakey after all.

Hmm methinks I haven’t been paying enough attention to Ozma…

They can spend a little bit of time relaxing since they seem to have made some headway with their theories. Whilst they don’t know Grace is behind it, Ozma and Cathy realize someone with implants is involved in what’s currently going on and so hacking countermeasures are being employed.

Ozma thinks the people over at Galaxy are suspicious and Cathy thinks that Leon is definitely involved. But Ozma is irritated by the fact their goals are unclear and sees no need for them to be using Ranka even if her music does affect the Varja, since their weaponry is adequate enough to take them out. Both come to the conclusion that the key to the whole thing are the Varja and the 117th research fleet.

Gratuitous Mikhail shot of the week!

And the intrigue continues as Mikhail begins to do some investigating of his own. You cannot deny that chibi Klein-sama is utterly adorable! Its a pity Mikhail-kun seems unaffected. Poor Klein-sama, she’s all cute and flustered because she’s meeting him, but when he arrives, all he does is ask about a blonde pharmacist she once introduced him to dashing her poor Zentradi hopes of a dato. To be fair to Mikhail, he isn’t actually being a completely insensitive douche, since he’s not looking for a quick shag, but someone who can give him information on the drug he found back on Gallia 4. But at the same time he is being insensitive to Klein’s feelings, he’s gotta know how she feels right? Pity she doesn’t really have much time to kick his ass though, since she gets shushed by Mikhail as they notice Luca being ushered into a car…

You really don’t see the cuteness in front of you Mikhail? Then Klein is right, you’re a baka, but its okay you’re pretty!

But at least Mikhail only has to worry about one person kicking his ass.
Oh Alto-hime, you’re playing with fire, we all know what happens when you confront Brera-nii, but if both he and Ozma-Onii-chan catch you sneaking into their beloved Ranka-chan’s bedroom like that, it will NOT be pretty.

Hmmmm make that three, I wonder what Nanase would think of this…

It was rather cute watching Ranka get flustered after realizing what she had insinuated by telling her Alto-kun that they were all alone and watching him get a little flustered over the same thing. He doesn’t seem too impressed with Ai-kun though, who creepily destroys the pretty paper plane Alto-hime makes…

Okay up until now I thought you were cute you little Varja you. But now, now, you’re just plain creepy.

But he is supportive of Ranka, who isn’t sure that singing to help defeat the Varja is a good thing. But Alto-hime tells her “Expanding and Rising are the fundamental desires of living things.” and that “Either we or they will survive.” His musings seem to make her feel more reassured and she becomes more resolute to do her best if it will help. And Alto says this time he will watch her sing for sure ^-^

I needed the cute scene, because it stopped me from throwing up dinner in the next scene. (Yeah I hate Leon that much, how Cathy? How could you bump uglies with Mr appalling haircut?) He’s not even charismatic, he’s just creepy and ick! And maybe into young boys… But instead of using cookies and milk like a certain pop singer who shall remain nameless, he uses more shiny baubles called fold crystals to try and entice our resident shouta Luca.

But Luca might be too smart to be ensnared by the magnificently slimy one, if only he could use that intelligence to move his ass when he’s under enemy fire… Luca wonders if Bilrer has a hand in all the fold crystals, he sees before him. Since he is closely linked with Leon and started off in the transport industry with SMS originally being an escort for the organization. Leon urges Luca to go on with his analysis and Luca suggests with the fold crystals, Bilrer could monopolize transport and communication on a galactic level.
Which he says is pretty much the same thing as controlling the galaxy.

The slimy one tells Luca he’s on the right track but wrong, Leon does not have the same objectives as Bilrer a this point a purple eyed, purple haired man walks into the room, telling Luca they are interested in what comes after total control of the galaxy. This person becomes very familiar to us later…

Whilst Luca is attending clandestine meetings, Ozma is playing secret agent man to protect his little sister.
Remembering that Cathy told him, the Varja corpses were being taken to the Extraterrestrial Life-form Research Institute on Island 3. Ozma heads over there to check it out. He doesn’t get too far before he is confronted by Brera-nii who doesn’t seem happy to find him in a restricted area. We get some nifty action with flashes of Brera-nii, attacking Ozma Onii-chan as illuminated by the bullets Ozma is firing at him. Coming to a standoff. Ozma wants to know what they are up to and why they are using Ranka’s dreams for their own twisted needs, making her a tool for their purposes.
Brera replies that it is necessary for her protection.
Ozma gets irritated by this, saying that things aren’t the same as they had been 11 years previously and that they can protect her now.
Brera agrees that yes right now they can protect her, and then Ozma sees the chain around Brera’s neck, getting distracted by it, he has the same flashback of a young Brera that Ranka had seen when she was in the Varja ship. Just as Ozma is about to let us know who he thinks Brera is a call comes in. The Varja are attacking and Ozma and Brera are needed for the sortie.

Oh Luca, you better confess soon, or figure out how to get even girlier. Nanase shows some of her outfit sketches for Ranka to Grace and is taken on part-time to help out on the project. Something tells me she’s really going to enjoy measuring up her beloved Ranka-chan for those outfits. Luca is slipping further and further away from his beloved Nanase, who is now a little closer to her beloved Ranka-chan. Maybe he should consider a sex change and a packet of hair dye…

Ranka stands in the empty concert hall in disbelief at how far she has gotten. She vows to do her best and asks for her brother to keep watch over her. She means Ozma right? Its hard to tell with all the brother figures in her life. Hell for a few episodes there, even Mikhail was being brotherly. Unfortunately Ozma kind of has his hands full at the moment…

Authorized to use reaction missiles he’s leading out the fighters to intercept and stop incoming hostiles. The bridge bunnies show their disdain for politics as Ranka’s concert means she can’t be with them this time and Cathy openly worries about Ozma.

In Leon’s office, he asks the mysterious person from earlier if they are done with the experiment. They reply that sometimes training requires the carrot and the stick and that this time the carrot is more important. Leon turns round to tell that person they are scary and we see Grace putting on glasses.

Back in space, the attack begins and well things don’t go too well, the reaction warheads prove ineffective and the Varja start tearing up the fighters. One breaks off and heads for the quarter and in a scene reminiscent of Muu protecting the Archangel in Gundam Seed. Ozma flies off to protect it, taking the hit instead. He goes to finish the Varja off but its taken out by Brera’s beam canon. Who tells him that ‘right now’ has become the past. The Varja are constantly evolving organisms and information about injuries obtained by one Varja can be passed along to the group to be used as feedback for new individuals. Brera tells them that eventually his beam cannon will no longer work and that is why they need Ranka.

Alto-nii and Ozma Onii-chan really don’t like that, in fact Ozma Onii-chan gets REALLY MAD! And you get to see a glimpse of just why Bobby drools over him and Cathy can’t forget him, because what a man he is!

He tells Brera, if missiles don’t work, they should use guns, and if those don’t work, even if he has to use his teeth or fingernails at the end, as long as a sliver of his will to fight remains, he’ll fight, he’ll damn well fight. *fan girl sigh*

Cathy screams at the screen that he shouldn’t because he’s taken a hit and drawing his energy blade and backed up by more Fire bomber, Ozma Onii-chan goes to kick some Varja ass to hell.

Destroying one, and with its burning carcass backlighting his heroic stance, he says that if he couldn’t protect his sister and the woman he fell for, then he wouldn’t be a man.

All out fangirl squealing here.

Cathy blushes, Mikhail comments on the rock music, but Alto tells him that its actually a folk oldie lol.

Brera lays cover fire, while the SMS go in with just their blades and rip Varja to shreds. Ozma is totally, utterly badass, whatta guy!

With the Varja vanquished, the crew go to watch Ranka, who’s giving it her all onstage. Cathy sits in a box with Ozma, scolding him for saying such words in the heat of battle and getting her all frazzled. He just replies by saying it’s a nice song, and seems kind of out of it.

Alto muses over Ranka’s title Songstress of hope as he gazes gently at her singing. More Varja spawn, the ships crew start to fix up the stuff the Varja damaged.

Right now she has Alto-hime as well as Varja under her spell, its the green hair probably.

Back in the box, Ozma looks down at Ranka and realizes that she has come a long way from that crybaby she once was. Cathy asks Ozma if he wants to stop over at her place for pineapple cakey, although if you ask me he probably wouldn’t be doing much cake eating whilst there…

But he thinks that he might be done and as a light from the concert hits him, Cathy realizes he is covered in blood!!!!!

That’s gonna need more than a few stitches…

And… Kawamori duped us all! Goodbye sister totally didn’t mean he was going to bite the bucket, but instead meant that Onii-chan was recognizing his imouto had begun to grow up a little. As he recovers in his hospital bed, she calls him a baka telling him how worried she was. Of course, he says he told her he wouldn’t die and offers her pineapple cake. She wants to eat one he baked though, when he gets out of the hospital and he remarks that maybe she is still a child after all.

He’s not quite dead yet.

And we don’t get too much of a confrontation since time runs short, but Grace and Sheryl come face to face. Grace acts exasperated, saying that Sheryl with never learn her lesson and stay in bed. But Sheryl looks serious and isn’t taking any crap, she tells Grace they have things to talk about.

No more B.S Grace, look at her face, Sheryl means BUSINESS!

Cute opening this week, Chibi Ranka dancing along to Seikan Hikou, but don’t get used to it, its just temporary.

Oooooh she’s really upping the stakes in the battle for cute, can you beat her Klein?

Sooo much going on this episode, which was fracking fantastic btw. Action, romance, comedy, intrigue and oh did I mention Ozma being out of his freakin mind awesome?

Ranka still has a ways to go before she can say she’s completely not a child anymore. Although I actually don’t see her asking for Alto’s opinion as her being childish. Considering the situation is kind of serious it would make sense to get someone else’s opinion. She can’t ask Brera because he’s too close to the situation and Ozma is just too angry about the whole thing, so she gets to spend some time with Alto-hime and pick his brain too ^-^

It was nice to see Luca get to shine a little bit with his intelligence, but will he go to the dark side? Leon will have more time to try and entice him, since I think Cathy has pretty much already dumped him for Ozma. Maybe she should go get an STD check whilst she’s in the hospital though, since she did the deed with mr slimy, you never know what he might have. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

I’m really looking forward to next week and what happens with Grace and Sheryl.


8 thoughts on “Macross Frontier 17 – Goodbye Sister

  1. I find the situation with Luca rather odd. He’s part of the family that runs L.A.I., who apparently have been supplying Brera’s VF-27 before he came out into the open, and who also seemed to have supplied the weapon that destroyed Gallia 4. I thought that there was a possibility that Luca was part of the S.M.S. to help make sure things went according to L.A.I.’s agenda, but previous episodes suggested otherwise, and this episode pretty much confirms that he’s not in the know. Obviously the family is keeping secrets from him.

    I wonder what the relationship between Macross Galaxy and L.A.I. is.

  2. @blissmo, if that happens, he may lose Nanase forever! Since judging by her Ranka love she prefers cute to evil. Of course seeing as he’s not a cute girl he isn’t really getting anywhere anyway so he might as well turn evil…

    @Yoo, It did really become obvious that Luca isn’t being kept in the loop by the family. With all that technology at their disposal, I wonder if they designed and maintain Grace…

  3. (O_O)

    Beautiful first picture. I now understand how Cathy fell for this guy :] And sweet, Sakura. You added a picture of the boys in the shower!! *nosebleed*

    hmmm. I was kinda waiting for Ozma’s death. They cheated us. Whoopsies, that was kinda harsh…

  4. Cake wasn’t quite enough to trigger the threshold for death. If Cathy knew how to make pineapple salad instead of pineapple cake, this would have been the last episode for Ozma … 😛

  5. @Hoshi, I know right! The more screen time Ozma gets the more I like him. Pity he’ll die… Because I do think he’ll die eventually.

    LOL I hope you recover from your nosebleed quickly, just don’t look at the picture again, I made that mistake!

    @xephyre, I agree with Yoo’s theory, 😀

    @Yoo, LOL, well lets hope Cathy never learns how to make it, then we’ll get to keep him right?

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