Ahhh….. hot springs…..

This is only a semi-realistic representation of how the top of the mountain looked like.

The major reason that I’ve delayed fixing my computer: a 3 day camping trip which ended with a trip to the local hot springs. It went pretty well, though I’m hurting all over due to a 6 hour hiking trip and I’ve been bitten by many mosquitoes.(there were so many at the camping site you literally could not avoid seeing the mosquitoes as long as you are outside)

Read on for a steamy hot springs picture!

See? lots of steam!

I put my mp3 player on shuffle during the trip and some pretty amusing songs popped up. For instance, when I reached the top of the mountain, battle music from gurren lagann started to play; when I was looking at the sky, the theme song of Sola popped up; and the last song to play before the batteries died was 小さな星が降りる時 (when a star falls, an insert song from Mai-hime). The one thing that really surprised me was the fact that you can actually see the stars at night (due to how north Canada is, how un-polluted Canada is, and how high up a mountain the camping site is). This may or may not be a big thing to you, but I saw the big dipper for the first time in my life and that’s something that I will never forget.

Here’s a few pictures that I took. You know, it’s not until I got to the forest that I remembered how tall trees can get and how green a forest is.


11 thoughts on “Ahhh….. hot springs…..

  1. Wow, I really like that photo of the clouds covering the sun. It’s so pretty! ZOMG, hot springs?! Lucky, I’ve never been. Must’ve been awesome..

    Anyhow, that’s funny. You’re mp3 timed itself right~

  2. I’ve visited Canada twice, and I remember a feeling of mild agoraphobia from both holidays. Everything on the North American continent seems so much bigger and more spacious than life in Europe, which is sometimes a bit unsettling. I also remember being worried about bears. I’m not used to the concept that I and something capable of eating me are in the same country.

    Also, you’re lucky with your mp3 player’s shuffle. I always get ‘libera me from hell’ at the most mundane of times. Like when I’m queuing for a bus.

  3. @Hoshi: Thanks, it’s one of my favorites.
    @Bassment: haha, I did.
    @Baka-raptor: I was born in a polluted city in China where sometimes you can’t even see the sun. Then I moved to Vancouver where I don’t really go outside at night. Besides, it’s less of a “seeing” and more of a “recognizing”
    @The animanachronism: I know what you mean about the difference in space, when I went back to China last month, everything just felt so cramped compared to Canada. I wasn’t too worried about bears though, they’d rather eat your food than you, and you’d be extremely lucky if you even saw a glimpse of one.

  4. Cute sketches and gorgeous pictures Choux, the blue in that sky really pops!

    I’m glad you had a good time ^-^

    Its nice to be able to see the stars.

    When hubby and I were separated by an ocean, every night we would both blow a kiss to the middle star of Orion’s belt, that way we knew we were thinking of one another while we were apart.

  5. @omnisyth: hmm, I’ve never heard of that song. Guess I’ll have to check it out.
    @blissimo: thank you!
    @Tako-y: Really? where do you live?
    @sakura:… you know, that really reminds me of this one scene in mahoraba where 2 lovers finally meet after a long time and they are acting all lovey dooey in a restruant. They are talking about how they are crazy about each other and there are hearts flying out in all directions….
    ……now I’m feeling depressed about how sweet that is and how un-sweet my life is…….

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