Code Geass R2 ep 17

My computer is still dying on me, so I formatted it and re-installed the whole thing. Fortunately, internet works now, unfortunately, my computer gained the new found habit of crashing on me. Ah, at least I can still enjoy my weekly dose of Code Geass, even though it’s been delayed due to the computer problems and something else that I’ll talk about soon. Note that I avoided mentioning names in this post. Sorry, I have a hard time with names -.-ll

These shots really makes me want them to have a happy future

Cue the emo facial contortions. I am SURE that this guy will be killed soon

See, I really hate parts like this. Even though none of it is really his fault, Lelouch is still taking the blame for everything that had happened and the death of everyone. I equally dislike Suzaku for trying to humiliate Lelouch. Yes, I can understand your reasons, but now you are just acting like an insecure bully picking on a weak kid.

leader of the black knights’ attack force vs. the knight of 1….. I’m pretty sure that they’ll kill each other later

Thankfully, Suzaku realizes that Lelouch is only blaming himself and offers to be on his side. But, if it just ended like that then this wouldn’t be code geass would it? Similarly to what happened with Euphie, the deal couldn’t be sealed and Schnizel uses his soildres to capture Lelouch.

The seemingly gay guy asks Kallen to join his side. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Kallen will use this as a chance to escape?

Of course, Luleuch escapes after having an conversation with his brother (via a conveniently placed TV inside the transportation vehicle) by making Gildford think he’s Cornelia. I’m a bit confused by this part. Why doesn’t Gildford realize that it couldn’t possibly be Cornelia in there?

of course, Lelouch is furious at the fact that he was betrayed (when Suzaku really didn’t do anything, it’s just that Schneizel got suspicious of Suzaku and ordered people to follow him) and uses the sakuradite canceling train to gain control over tokyo.

Schneizel is confident about winning after he forces Suzaku to tell him about geass, and Suzaku is thinking about using freya (that always reminds me of Chobits) to atone after Kanon (is it just me, or does Kanon look like Kanon from Umineko?) tells him that he could have prevented this whole war if he had told the prince about geass sooner.

Wow, this series is charging towards the finale now. This definitely isn’t the most exciting episode to air, but it had a lot of build up and serves to make me look forward to the next episode more than ever. I am definitely surprised that Suzaku actually agreed to help Lelouch, though I can’t say that I’m surprised at the outcome. At this point, I’m hoping that someone (perferbally C.C.) will tell Lelouch that he is forgiven, and that he doesn’t have to carry all the blame. At the rate this is going, I’m worries that Schneizel will broadcast the fact that Lelouch is Zero and use him as a scapegoat in order to take control of the whole situation. Since he is acting so confident, I think that there will be a trap waiting for Rollo at Tokyo and that he will be killed, then something bad will happen to C.C. and Lulu will be all alone and have the hate of the world directed at him after Suzaku bombs tokyo and Lelouch is blamed. Near the end Shirly will come back in ghost form and forgive Lelouch, who loses all his memories and powers (just like C.C.) and he will then livea peaceful life with C.C. taking care of him and Nunnally will take control of the country after she got rid of Schneizel and Suzaku killed the emperor.

But now I’m just blurting out random theories now, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see. By the way, what’s your theory about the ending? If you want to shout it out to the world, you can either leave a comment or post it in animesuki. (I’d personally perfere you putting it here. You know, it makes it seem like a lot of people eagerly read my posts lol)


5 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 ep 17

  1. I thought you were kidding when you suggested that Shirley return as a ghost. Then again, it’s Sunr- I mean, Geass, whatever’s possible.
    And I don’t want Tokyo to be bombed – that would mean Millay would die! Or she’s been secretly broadcasting from Australia or something.

  2. The seemingly gay guy asks Kallen to join his side. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Kallen will use this as a chance to escape?
    me thinks that guren will have a new pilot.

    but hell.. after talking about much bringing people back from the dead makes me think we’re in for a crappy ending with everyone who died coming back to life. i hope not though – that would be the WORST ending ever!

  3. Even if they did set it up badly, this episode pretty much paves the way for Lelouch to the point of no return as he looks set to assume his role as the One True Demon King.

  4. @Blissmo: I DO think that they will end up together in the end.
    @issa-sa: Ack, I completely forgot about Milly. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that she’s a character who’s not going to die (there’s no point, what’s that going to do? Turn Rivalz depressed and have him discover his seemingly magical mecha piloting powers and then have him turn the tides of the war by being the only person who could pilot a overly souped up knightmare? ……oh boy, why does that sound so familiar?)
    @Biankita: Yeah, that’d be just like Mai-hime, though I hope that not TOO many people will die, comon, sunrise! Get out those infamous plot shields of yours!
    @Shin: Demon king? haha, that reminds me of love monster (this shoujo manga I’ve been following that ended recently. The story was complete crap, but the art was nice)

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