Tetsuwan Birdy: 3, 4 & 5


What a late post ^^;; I guess there’s no point in providing an episodic summary now, so I’ll just focus on my thoughts about the series. 

From episodes 1 and 2, I never would have suspected that Tuto would be killed off so early in the series, but I guess the creators must have wanted to give Senkawa and Birdy more opportunities to depend on each other. Still, I had liked Tuto, and hated that he had to be ‘sacrificed’ for the plot.

The development of the relationship between Senkawa and Birdy seemed a little off. Sure, they still do bicker a little now and then, but it’s mostly about trivial stuff. Did the death of Tuto awaken Senkawa to the seriousness of Birdy’s job? Is that why in episode 4 he decided to stand up in front of the court to defend Birdy? I hope the series will focus more on the problems the two of them will face sharing one body and one consciousness. There have been only mere mentions on the dangers now. 

One of the bigger problems I have with the series is how there are so many characters yet hardly much development for the most of them. I also wonder how they will fit into the plot. Am I too impatient? Since we’re only about halfway through the series… 


No more gorgeous fight scenes to wow about. I mean, there are fight scenes, but no use of the neon lighting effects which I was crazy about. Still, the animation for this series continues to be of a pretty high standard and especially the great use of colors. However, I thought the editing of the OP into each episode is rather badly done. The scenes before the OP all seemed to be cut rather suddenly.

The plot about saving earth is not doing much for me, but I guess I’m still going to continue watching this, for I’m curious and hopeful about how they are going to develop Birdy and Senkawa.  


2 thoughts on “Tetsuwan Birdy: 3, 4 & 5

  1. Oh man, I can’t stand series with tons of characters and no development. Stuff like Baccano! and TTGL had tons of characters, but each of the characters had their fair share, so.. XD Anyways, glad to see you posting around~

  2. I guess if there are a lot of characters its hard to develop them all, but if you can’t you at least need to have a point to them.

    Even though they are really just background characters I adore the Bridge Bunnies in Macross Frontier, they always make me laugh,they are excellent comic relief.

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