See, there’s this show that I kinda got stuck watching, it was called Maburaho. I thought that it wasn’t all that great, though the guys ate it up. Then I kept hearing great responses to this show called Mahoraba, and for over a year and a half I thought that they were just fanboys praising Maburaho. Well, I’m confused no more, Mahobara is a comedy slice of life romance drama of the highest caliber, and I will recommend it to anyone.

The story? Well, if I gave a summary, people will think it’s a love hina clone, so I’m not going to. So, take a chance, go into this series blindly, and be surprised. I laughed and cried in this series, and the feeling I get it is like the calmness from Aria, and the comedy, omgs, and adorable romance from Kodomo no Omocha, Gakuen alice and Fruits basket.

Now that I think about it, I would recommend those 4 series to everyone too.

Anyway, this series had some of the most interesting characters that I had ever read about, and they will forever live on in my heart.

Now that this amazing series is over, I’m moving on to more visual novels (yes, I’m starting D.C.II, remember11, and this other thing that starts with ao and has something to do with a blue sky…..)

The 1 bad thing that happened: right after I finished tearing up over the second to last chapter, some random insurance guy called and completly ruined the mood. Next time I’m reading something like this, I’m un-plugging all the phones in my house.


5 thoughts on “Mahoraba

  1. Ah, Mahoraba. It was one of the first series that got me to take an interest in manga and anime, and still one of my favorites.

    It’s a pity they didn’t manage to make the ending of the anime work as well as the one in the manga.

  2. Wha-?! So there’s a Maburaho and a Mahoraba? Wow. I was going to watch one of the two, but now I can’t remember…

  3. @sylon: They changed the ending for the anime? I can never understand why companies choose to do that. Or did the anime have to end before the manga was finished? wait……….. wiki………… oh, it DID catch up too soon. Sigh, I’m always disappointed when that happens…
    @Hoshi: I’m pretty sure that it’s Mahoraba you want. Maburaho is about a guy with amazing magical genes and the girls that go after him so that they can bear a child with those strong genes. of course, the girls eventually fall in love with him. It’s pretty fluffy and cute with a bit of fanservice, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone.

  4. When I first saw this post I thought OMG Maburaho!!!

    That was one show back when it came out Hubby-sama and I thought we would check out. But are rather glad we focused on other shows and watched this on netflix instead, because it made me really glad we didn’t waste the money on it.

    I quickly got bored with the fanservice and had an intense hatred of the lead girl.

    Thankfully this sounds like it isn’t even in the same ballpark, thank god!

  5. Choux: The reason the ending got ‘changed’ for the anime was because they were still on Volume 5 or 6 of the manga and had run out of material. The manga didn’t finish its run till about two or so years after the anime ended, so of course it was different. But in some ways, it paralleled the anime ending too, in terms of the crisis as well as how it got resolved.

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