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I have been slacking from writing posts lately, but that’s because I’m preparing for a retreat (where I’m supposed to be a counselor), and packing for my trip back to college. This post will have to last for about a week, which seems only to be a little while, yes, but then again, who knows what kind of storm other bloggers can write up? Impress me while I’m gone~

Anyhow, I’ve missed a couple of episodes here and there: Nabari no Ou 17 & 18, Antique Bakery 5, and Mahou Tsukai 4. I know work will pile up when I get back, so I’ll just have to offer a short blurb on my thoughts here (we still have yet to get to the main part of this piece). Not surprisingly, the scene at the end of Nabari 18 whipped up a few leaky droplets at the eyes (blame the music for that). I still don’t like the idea of Miharu and Yoite pairing up, but it was sad to see a change in Yoite’s character.

Moving on to Antique – I have nothing to say. It’s a slice of life, watch it yourself if you’re interested – but I’m glad hints of the real story are showing up here and there. And Mahou Tsukai? Well, I don’t think I can quite pinpoint my favorite part because all the little details make me love this series. Just watch Gouta-kun eating the shrimp tempura was fun to watch, I’m crazy, I know. But understanding Gouta’s reasons for producing that drink for the customer definitely created a big impact.

OSTs, anyone?

Wow. I’m really packing this post in with a ton of stuff. But OSTs are a topic I’ve never touched on before. Of course, to save time, this can’t include movie OSTs, because I’d have too much to write about (Princess Mononoke, Mukoh Hadan, Byousoku 5 Centimeters), so this post only concludes for series. Now, I’m not an avid fan of OSTs to the point that I have millions, so the list is limited. But let me explain that I won’t rank my top five, because I can’t – I don’t know how to.

… And you can curse my stupidity in not knowing how to stream audio, so I’ll just post videos from youtube. Some videos may have spoilers in them, so instead of watching, just listen.



For those of you who don’t know, the term “baccano” means “noise” or “ruckus” in Italian. And as it suggests, it is packed with this and all the elements that make a series enjoyable to watch: craziness, action, violence, and humor. The OST reflects this accurately, from the sophisticated melody of the piano as the pianist hits up on jazz notes in Kioku no Tegami, to the mellow duet of piano and violin in Ringo no E no Ue no Rakugaki, and back to the cheerful and upbringing music the harmonica plays in Rojiura no Housoku. Each sound and melody represents something different for each character. For example, we have our main couple, Isaac and Miria – in the story to connect three different groups together. Their entrance into any story almost always is represented through the harmonica.

My love for the Baccano! OST even comes as a surprise for me, because I’m definitely not a fan of jazz. In fact, I dislike it. The plucking of the bass strings, the blaring of the trumpets, the highs-and-lows of notes from the piano… However, in Baccano!, it fits in just right. Even now, as I play the OST while writing each blurb, I can tell which characters each song is trying to portray. If you’re a fan of the movie Pulp Fiction, I recommend this series for you. And if you’re not I don’t know how that’s possible, just try listening to the opening – Gun’s & Roses – and I’m sure you’d eventually come to like the OST as much as I do.

Here’s Nagai Nagai Yume no Naka no Utage, the main theme:



It’s interesting. I’ve only realized last night that most of the science fiction series I watch have the best openings: Noein – Mou Hitori no Kimi and Dennou Coil. Kaiba, like these series, drew me in from the start with “Never”. It is perhaps, the best, or one of the best. If I had never chanced across “Never”, I probably wouldn’t have started this series (the animation is a bit unique, if you haven’t noticed).

But it isn’t just the opening. “Initialize Me” was one of my favorite pieces from the start too. In case you’re wondering what it sounds like, it always pops up near the end when distressing scenes are playing. And yes, Kaiba is the kind of series that makes me cry and scream – and maybe for others too, because it’s definitely a little more on the darker side. But hell, who cares? If you haven’t seen it, just watch it and you’ll understand for yourself how much Kaiba draws you in with it’s plot and character developments. And the music is heavenly. I can’t offer much more to you on Kaiba now, because I haven’t finished this series. Let me just leave you with these words, however – it does not disappoint.

Unfortunately, the Kaiba OST isn’t well known yet, so I’m linking you to the opening:



Watching this series literally makes me want to take Ginko’s cigarette and smoke it because I revere the man that much. Here’s to the Mushi master, because everything he does is beautiful.

The Mushishi OSTs are entirely different from the above two. They’re more likely to have a native and peaceful feel. I can’t quite explain it, but I’ve got both OSTs, and the several pieces sound like an amalgam of flutes, bongo drums, a piano, shakers and cymbals. Can’t put it better than this, so have a listen. These are a few of my favorites: Tabi wo Suru Numa, Suzuri ni Sumu Shiro, and Tsuyu wo Suu Gun.

Here’s Suzuri ni Sumu Shiro.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Who can forget TTGL? There’s not much else to say. With an epic series comes an epic soundtrack. It’s also one of the only series I’ve seen that can use Latin and opera music and integrate it beautifully. Fight the power.


Macross Frontier

So it isn’t the image you were perhaps thinking of when I said Macross Frontier (and dang, he isn’t even doing (ノゝ∀・)~キラ correctly), but anyhow, I think this OST is as good as TTGL’s OST. At the same time, you can’t really compare the two. They’re definitely both really good at what they do.

Like Sheryl or Ranka? Either way, both of their voices are beautiful. Hell, even if you haven’t seen Macross Frontier, listen in, because the Nyan Furo stands on it’s own. It was only after listening to the OST that I started watching Macross Frontier. I won’t go into Macross Frontier too much, cause I know a ton of people around here love it. So here’s my favorite song:

Probably overplayed, yes…

Other thoughts/Misc.

  • Longest post I think I’ve ever written.
  • Other OSTs I’m waiting for right now: Mahou Tsukai, Natsume Yuujin-chou
  • And for the person who got me started on this:
But we're not really, actually.

But we're not really, actually.

^ I was playing around, don’t take it to heart. See you all in a couple of days~


12 thoughts on “Thoughts & OSTs

  1. Of these listed, I like Kaiba, Mushishi, and Macross Frontier 🙂

    Yup, “Initialize Me” and “Memories” (variation on the same theme) from Kaiba are especially good if you’ve seen the series because it played at some of the most powerful moments.

  2. Eh, I’ve been guilty of slacking off on posts myself, but of course there’ll be some Macross Frontier action whilst your gone, and if I can stump up the enthusiasm some Naruto…

    I agree with you on the pairing, I don’t want to see buttsecks in this show! 😉

    Nice selection of tracks, I still haven’t gotten around to Baccano. The theme really makes me want to watch it though, I love the beat.

    I wasn’t too into the Kaiba theme at first, but the more it played the more I found I enjoyed it. Maybe if I had seen the show and the context it might have had more of an impact on me.

    Suzuri ni Sumu Shiro, was beautiful and I adored it, I really need to put this anime on my netflix queue.

    I liked TTGL tune, the mixing styles were interesting ^-^

    LMFAO, the picture of Sasuke-kun is genius ^-^ and of course you already know how much I LOVE the music in MF. I think so far my favorite is actually Infinity, but Diamond Crevasse, ain’t half bad either!

    *giggles* I love the last piccie too! 😉

    I would have to say two OST’s I adore are the FMA OST’s. Although I feel with those a big reason why I love them so much is because the anime itself was just so wonderful and the music is so stirring and just makes you relive all those wonderful scenes.

    I also have the Trinity Blood soundtrack and there are so many beautiful tracks on there its hard to pick one. This track in particular called Resolution I just adore –>

    Oh and I fell in love with the Ghost Hunt OST the second I heard the opening, it suits the mood of the show perfectly.

    Great post Hoshi 🙂

  3. Wow, I think you’ve included an OST for almost each type of music. And great choices as well! Mushishi, Kaiba… Yum!

    Anyway, you’ve got to try Samurai Champloo’s OSTs (If you haven’t!). I swear, each OST (there’s 4) will amaze you in different ways.
    Minmi Who’s Theme. One of my favourite EDs.

  4. Okay, why does that guy from Macross Frontier look like Sasuke? That is a guy, right? (LOL) Don’t worry about not knowing how to stream audio. It irritates readers, and your site would take forever to download. Oh, another thing, I agree with you, Ginko rocks!

  5. I’ve got an hour before I leave, so I’ll respond~ :]

    @Kitsune: Definitely; I guess you’ll be watching the last episode today? I can’t wait to watch it when I get back..

    @Choux: lol, even I don’t remember how I came up with that phrase.. But we’re not really femme fatales, I know. We’re nice peoples.. >:3

    @Sakura: Thank you! Haha, you have much to catch up on sistah! :] But the FMA OSTs are nice, I’m sorry to say they don’t go on my top list, but I own them. And yes, Trinity Blood is a pretty good OST. I’m just a little miffed the anime ended badly for me, but Broken Wings is a pretty nice ED. Art’s great though – I used to stare at Gunslinger for great lengths cause he was my favorite character, and dang, even for a cybord he was hot. Haven’t heard Ghost Hunt, but I remember episodes being scary as hell. Must be because of the music too~

    @bassment: Oh dang, the Samurai Champloo!! I only have a few songs, but Samurai Champloo’s soundtrack is widely well known.. Wait. There’s 4 of them?! Dang… Good choice of ending. That’s my favorite ending too!

    @Ria: er. That IS Sasuka XD Sorry to confuse you, he’s just trying to do Ranka’s (ノゝ∀・)~キラ. Haha, Alto is WAY hotter! And sweet! Another Ginko lover~

  6. Hmm I did some researching, I think you’d really enjoy the Ghost Hunt OST seeing as the composer was Masuda Toshio, who also composed music for Mushishi and Naruto too! ^_^

    Ahh yes Trinity Blood. I think the problem with that anime was that they were trying to fit so much information into such a short series. They really should have made it double the length and taken the time to explain things. It would have gone over much better and I would have gotten to stare at Abel and Hugue longer…

    I’m currently reading the Trinity Blood novels, I do hope they aren’t on the list of crap that Tokyopop is discontinuing.

  7. back~

    @Kitsune: how’d you find it?

    @Sakura: oh nice! I had no idea. Dang, that’s cool. The Trinity Blood novels, are they like the anime or what?

  8. Kaiba was a very nice anime 🙂 Probably, the best of the Spring season. I have many thoughts about Kaiba, but I really liked that I could not predict what would happen next with the plot, unlike with many other anime. I was thinking about writing a review, but still not sure if I’ll have time to do it.

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