Naruto Chapters 410, 411, 412.

Naruto says WTF?, I agree with him.

Well if you’re expecting chapter summaries, which are usually how my Naruto posts go, you’ll be wasting your time and you might as well quit reading now. This post is more of a rant regarding the latest chapters; so if you’re interested in finding out why I’m so damned pissed off, keep reading! Of course that means this post is going to assume you have read the chapters mentioned…

Bored, pissed off, irritated, annoyed, frustrated angry, just a few words to describe how I feel about Naruto these days. The worst part is I even understand why most of what is currently happening, is occurring. Why is that you ask yourself? Well welcome to reading a shounen manga!

Our hero will get stronger, then they will get surpassed and then will have to train harder to become even stronger. Just look at Bleach, or InuYasha for that matter, I mean how much of InuYasha was spent on upgrading Tessaiga for crying out loud? I really shouldn’t be ranting or complaining because the format isn’t going to change and I guess after all if we didn’t enjoy it we wouldn’t read it. But when it gets stuck on repeat it can be irritating, how many times can our hero power up and will we care by the end of it?

Will learning sage techniques really mean Naruto can surpass Sasuke? This thought brings me to one of the things irritating the crap out of me right now. Just how fracking superbadass, is Kishimoto planning on making Sasuke? Because his power level right now is pretty fracking ridiculous and he isn’t even the title character, scarily he supposedly isn’t even as badass as Madara.

I’m not even sure he was on a completely equal footing with Itachi, considering his brother had given some of his power to Naruto and was ill at the time the two Uchiha’s fought each other.
But he has all the crap he gained from Orochimaru, including the curse seal, he now has Itachi’s mangenkyo powers and of course he can suppress the Kyuubi, oh and he’s strong enough to now join up with Akatsuki, who are supposed to be the badass of the badass. Plus they will seal one of the tailed beasts within him. (To be honest though I don’t think it will get to that point, or maybe it will. I guess it depends on how much power Sasuke thinks he will need to take down Konoha’s council.)

I mean its not like you want him to be a weakling, but shouldn’t their powers be on more of an equal footing? Naruto trained to perfect his rasengan and create a new technique and the Rasen Shuriken is definitely powerful, but he can’t even use it because of the damage! Although I guess, it does remain to be seen what power Itachi passed on to Naruto.

I know its part of the hero’s journey and all that crap but damn its frustrating. I think really, what is bugging me is that I just don’t care about the sage training itself. Its bloody boring as hell, I’d rather they’d just had Naruto disappear off with the frog sage and then the next we’d see of him is when he returned all powered up. I could care less about frog oil and balancing forces.

You know what I would have preferred to see rather than how Naruto gets to power up again. How about some developments between Naruto and Sakura? The chapters dealing with the fall out over Jiraiya’s death were beyond frustrating!
I understand that Shika is a good friend of Naruto’s, but Kakashi is his teacher and Sakura is his teammate. Shouldn’t Kakashi have taken it upon himself to go see how Naruto was handling things? Shouldn’t Sakura have been there to help Naruto through it rather than yell at him for being impatient at wanting to find information on the people who caused his mentors untimely demise?

Where the hell was the nice Sakura/Naruto moment that SHOULD have come out of that situation. The only thing that made sense was Iruka being there for Naruto since he’s a father figure of sorts.

Its not only poor Naruto however that has to deal with being one-upped in the power stakes, now it seems Sakura does too. Starting off as a spoiled, weak as crap beotch. Sakura’s character has grown in leaps and bounds, she’s trained her butt off to become more powerful so they she can be on a somewhat equal footing with the lads. Her skills almost reach the level of Tsunade, she has super strength, perfect chakra control and of course healing abilities.
And now fan girl Karin has healing abilities as well as chakra sensing abilities too and no doubt, later we’ll find out her chakra control is perfect too. Well isn’t that just fucking nice. I swear to god, if Karin ends up beating Sakura in a fight, I’ll stop reading the manga, and I don’t care if Kishimoto can’t read English, he’ll get a nice fan letter from me telling him to shove his manga up his ass sideways.

Bit harsh, maybe, do I care? Not really, will I actually send him a letter? Probably won‘t. I’m sick of Naruto and Sakura breaking their backs to get stronger only to have characters like Sasuke and Karin suddenly be just as badass. Particularly in Sakura’s case where she worked her ass of to be able to heal like she does and oh look Karin can do it too.

Of course, most of my irritation stems from the fact I hate Karin, maybe if we had some more background on her and I could see how she got to where she is, I’d like her bit better. Apart from her abilities, the character has no redeeming qualities, her personality is basically that of a young Sakura which doesn’t make her very likeable. Other than that, she doesn’t really have much of a personality.
I thought she was really interesting back when she was first introduced, she seemed like she might be smart and then the fangirling started and I was instantly put off. Even the neat character design couldn’t save her.

Maybe there’s really no expansion on the part of the team because they are expendable and won’t make it through to the end, I dunno. All I know is, if Kishimoto is going to spend more time on Sasuke and his team again make Karin a bit more interesting, without taking anything away from Sakura!

And while we are on the subject of Sasuke’s team what the hell is with the damn rapping? Whenever the eight tails is on the page I can’t help but think OMG this feels just like a freaking filler episode.

I like his character design, I like that he’s badass with swords, I really like the fact he handed Sasuke’s ass to him. But please stop the rapping, its just damned ridiculous and not even funny.

Man I hope we get back on track soon. Sasuke says he is just pretty much using Akatsuki, but I think we all figured that much out. If Sasuke really listened to Madara then he won’t trust him as far as he can throw him.
Maybe he will go as far as to accept the power of a tailed beast in order to have enough power to defeat Madara once he’s done with the council. I wonder if Sasuke is aware that the host of the eight tails will die if the beast is removed.

Up until Itachi Sasuke hasn’t actually killed anyone to my knowledge, right?

Hopefully Naruto’s training won’t be dragged out, because quite frankly I’m getting sick of frogs.

Lets get the plot moving Kishimoto, no more training no more rapping! I want to see what’s going on in Konoha more than anything, considering Naruto isn’t there, but Pein is heading in that direction, and he doesn’t want to borrow a cup of sugar!


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