Remember11 day 1

Some random ramblings.

Okay, installing took a long time….. wheeee!! it’s installed!

Registering…….. annoying……….

There’s no voices and the system’s annoyingly slow (I was just playing Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo, which had the best system I’ve ever used, so this impression is pretty biased).

I’m checking the walk through that came with the game, and I’m completely confused right now.

Checking the internet to see if there’s a better walk through…

Wait, there’s a voice patch?!?!? … huh? only 4mb? that can’t be right.

Checked some more…. wait, you mean this idiotic company put the voices onto the cd, but the game won’t play them unless you apply this patch that this fan made which extracts the voices from the compressed game file which means that the entire game took over 7gigs?

What’s up with that?

Extracting voices… wait, the thing just disappeared, is it supposed to do that? Waaa, I tried it again and it still didn’t work!

I give up…………………….

Ohh, Pireze came out with the annual comiket watches!

Huh? Wait, the extraction is over? I wish they showed a progression bar!

Let met check…… Ohh there’s voices! Too bad I can’t fix anything else…. Why did I pay 60 bucks for this? At least the story seems really interesting…. the blond guy is suspicious, I know he is…. the writer must have put in time travel again!

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