Code geass R2 episode 18

First, let me say that the music in this episode was really great.

Second? Kallen is badass. No arguments there.

Read on for funny (I hope) comments and more of my random speculations.

He got over the whole orange thing already? Aww….

I SHALL DEFEAT MY ENEMIES BY PLAYING A SONG OF DOOM ON THIS PIANO! (That REALLY doesn’t look like a keyboard, does it?)

Yes, when you are infiltrating a government building, a giant conspicuous yellow scarf is a must-have item!

Of course, one must also have cute animals in the system of one of the most powerful weapons in the world!

This somehow reminds me of the phrase, “What was that? Is that…. A GUNDAM?”

This guy’s never get a break, will he? Though, like a certain Patrick from a certain new Gundam series, he will definitely not die.

No comment, I don’t think she needs one.

Finally! He’s dead!

Ohh, do I spy a wave of evilness?

The irony………. the irony……….. Nunally gets killed because of geass……..just like Euphie and Shirly (next thing you know, Kallen’ll get killed because of it too. Oh no. )

Ah, it’s been a while since I last saw him like this, I kinda miss it.


Specualtions: Everyone betrays Lelouch, and the emperor takes C.C., only to have her other self awaken and kill him. Then, Schnizel will use the black knights to capture Lelouch, only to have himself killed by Rollo, who dies from the strain.

Then Nunally turns up alive, takes the place of her dead brother, and rules the world as Lelouch, Kallen and C.C. live in a small farm in the country side, with all the hard labor being done by a Suzaku who feels so guilty about killing Nunally that he’s devoted himself to serving Lelouch for the rest of his life.


13 thoughts on “Code geass R2 episode 18

  1. I’ve heard rumours that the Black Knights are going to turn on Lelouch, certainly. And I, like you, was missing that Lelouch we see in the second-to-last screencap. Part of the fun of Geass is Lelouch ricocheting between his arrogant victory face and his unbalanced, distorted, staring face.

  2. now that i think about it. the best possible ending would be have a panoramic view of the world. everyone dies literally.

    oh noes! if kallen dies, i will not longer have a reason to watch this anime! and yes, the pwned look on lulu’s face is priceless.

  3. Yes to the projected ending. Such a quaint happy ending for a ridiculously OMGEPIC series. I kind of want it to turn out that way just to see everyone’s reactions.

    And yes. Kallen is very badass.

  4. Yes, when you are infiltrating a government building, a giant conspicuous yellow scarf is a must-have item!

    Never mind the ever-present maid hat. I think we just take it on faith that’s she somehow requires it to keep her head on or something.

  5. @issa-sa: I’ll be scared if it goes beyond that (not much of a yaoi fan girl)
    @jpzer0: really? ha, I feel so proud…
    @biankita: that reminds me of sailor moon (not the hideous and badly made anime series, the touching and beautiful manga series) where everyone dies. I’m really hoping that not TOO many people will die.
    @fyuy maiden: I did write that to see people’s reactions. In fact, I’m surprised at how no one said anything negative about it.
    @otou-san: Ooh, I forgot that she still had her hat on!
    @shin: oh I know, and to think, the real Cornelia was so close to him!

  6. LOL CHOOUX perfect yes I did get to watch it so finally I got the comp so I am here lol lelouch’ sface is priceless comeone he is in total denial also I hope that not too many people die though cause that would not really fulfill my ending.. but what your speculation is pretty much close to wahts going to happen !!>_<

  7. code geass r2 was just starting to air here in the phil.. Rolo die? I was just starting to like him..

    Why all of you were angry on Kallen? i think she’s kinda cute.. especially on the bunny outfit..

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