You know, it’s pretty amazing what people can come up with, and I’m always surprised at the lengths people are willing to go to for idolized beings such as the vocaloids. I saw this video at sankaku complex today, and I cried. There was just so much emotion put into that song, and one can understand this beautiful and sad story from it. This video really reminded me of the second volume of d.gray man, where Lala sang for the only person who ever loved her, until she herself could not move anymore, even though she had already lost her heart. You can find the lyrics to the song here, on that link, there is also a subbed version of this video, but it is of lower quality.


5 thoughts on “Kokoro

  1. Basically, the vocaliods are voices created for this program which lets you create music. The person who uses the program writes the music, and there are pre-recorded voices and instruments which can let you created pretty much any song you want. They were a big hit with the fans, especially Hatsune Miku. This video was made about one vocaloid in the second generation.

    That video was something made by a fan and tells the story of an android whose creator died. She desperately wanted a heart, and when she got it, she realized that all her memories gave her emotions. She’s just so happy and thanked the scientist, who created her as a replacement for his daughter who was never born, but then died as her circuits couldn’t handle a heart. But even as she died, she smiled and looked like an angel.

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