Tsubasa pops up in an unexpected place

Today, I was watching a recoding of the women’s all-around gymnastics event from yesterday, and the funny things is that when Nastia Liukin was going to jump at the vaults, I could clearly hear a track from tsubasa resvoir chronicle in the background. That track happened to be breaking the sword of justice, from the first tsubasa soundtrack. I wonder just why that was playing……


13 thoughts on “Tsubasa pops up in an unexpected place

  1. Someone was probably using it as background music for her floor exercise routine. It’s a fitting track: sharp, exciting, and everybody loves Yuki Kajiura so she probably got a perfect score.

  2. Oh, I thought so too, what I’m wondering is why they are using a track from an anime. This isn’t the first time that happened though, one time when I was watching a Chinese movie a track from inuyasha started playing. The moment I heard it I started laughing, and the people around me gave me werid looks after that lol.

  3. @royalty: I like it too, it’s one of my favorite pieces by Kajuira Yuki.
    @blissmo: Well, if you are talking about the anime, I agree with you. I’m not going anywhere NEAR that, not if I can help it. I like the manga a lot more though.

  4. I was wondering if I was just crazy! Guess I’m not ^_^ Mostly not, anyway.

    @Choux and Blissmo: The music is about all I like from the anime. Oh, and the voice actors. Other than that… Eh. But try Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. It’s a different guy that does that arc, and it follows the manga.

    On a side note, does anyone else think that certain of the Tsubasa characters would make wonderful gymnasts?

  5. xD; I used to sort of hate Olympic gymnastics (because it’s not a contact sport xD; ) but this… This is epic. I wanna go find that performance on youtube now. Although I think Aikoi (from episode 42) would’ve been epic too… ^_^

    and didn’t Nastia win the gold for the U.S.?! That’s awesome.

  6. @Ceekari:I DID watch the ova, and I really liked it (I blamed the complete failure that is the TV series on beetrain). But, I’m sad that an anime will never be able to capture the strong and stylish lines that CLAMP uses. And the gymnastics thing? Of course they’d be! Shaoran already performed a perfect routine in a circus, taking a gold medal will be no problem for him.
    @CJ: aikoi? I checked my folder and couldn’t find that song… T_T

  7. I think that after I get back shall be a great time to blitz through the Tsubasa manga, as I just want to know what happens, and I may be able to flame its length like other readers. That said, I wish I could see the routine, as Tsubasa music + gymnastics must = awesome.

  8. Lol, I actually went back to find it – you can hear a little of it in the beginning parts of the video about Nastia’s vault.

  9. This one has it at the beginning. It’s tough to hear because of the crowd at first, but around thirty seconds or so, it’s pretty clear ^__^

  10. I heard that song play during Nastia’s vault. I heard Break the sword of justice from Tsubasa LOL. My friend didn’t believe me and thought it was from POTC. That’s great someone send a link to Kaijura Yuki so she can hear her own song play in the olympics.

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