Natsume Yuujinchou 6

Seriously. Any losers like me who cry have dust in their eyes when watching Natsume Yuujinchou? >< 

And it’s not the first time either. I think I cry every alternate episode. (Episode 4 had me bawling like a baby….) I wonder what it is about the slice-of-life genre which never seem to fail to move me. ( I cry when I watch Gintama too…)

In episode 6, the attachment of humans (mainly Natsume) to spirits and vice versa is discussed. We see how Natsume gradually gets fond of Tsubame, and how he tries to help her find a resolution. Madara, though often claiming that he wants to eat Natsume, is the one who always comes to Natsume’s aid in times of need. 

I have to say that I LOVE cats! I guess it’s one of the reasons why I continue to watch Natsume: Nyako-sensei XDDD The camaraderie between him and Natsume is just awesome. Friendship is also one of the themes which gets me all the time; it’s not featured that much in Natsume yet though. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will develop. 

Back to the main question: Why does Natsume Yuujinchou makes me cry?

Scenes like this (pictured above) do play a part. Strangely intimate and slow paced, nothing much happening, yet so much emotion. These help to create the atmosphere for the tear ducts to start working… 

As far as episode 6, most of the stories featured had to do with longing, disappointment with which comes renewal of faith – Stories which touch us because of how we can almost relate them to our own lives and to the way we view people as well.

In the end though, it’s the warmth and kindness and understanding that Natsume gives when facing the demons/spirits which is the key for me.

He detested his gift which made him different from everybody else when he was younger, grew resigned to it as he got older, knowing he couldn’t do anything about it. Yet, even as he had closer contact with the more-often-than-not, weird and scary looking spirits, he became attached to them, and feel for them. Natsume who since young, had been traumatized and disturbed by the presence of these spirits, instead of developing a hatred for them, sympathized and empathized with them. It is this kindness which moves me. It reminds me, the potential that we humans have, to show kindness to anybody, anything. 

Like Tsubame, I can safely say that I too, am attracted to the gentleness and kindness of humans.  


6 thoughts on “Natsume Yuujinchou 6

  1. I think it’s because in real life, disappointments have a way of degrading one’s soul into a spiral of self-perpetuating cynicism or, sometimes, even hatred.

    On the other hand, the characters in NatsuYuu seem immune to this effect: no matter what calamities befell them, their spirits continued to shine.

    Our own soul needs to find a reason to believe—even if it is fictitious.

  2. Definitely, you’re not the only one with dust in your eyes. This one makes me a little leaky too.

    Throw in the music too~ ;]

  3. @Hoshi
    Definitely! XD Am waiting for the OP to come out on the 27th!!

    I read your entry on this episode. Hopefully, regardless of how unbelievable you find the characters to be, they are still able to give you a reason to keep faith with the human spirit =)

  4. Nice post bassment ^-^

    I like this show because its a little different from similar shows about spirits in that it is so gently paced and thoughtful.

    This show isn’t really about the action, I like that.

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