Remember11 day 6

First, 2 cute girls. Because cute girls gets people to read kind of stuff.

I’ve overestimated the capacity of my brain and underestimated the the confusing-ness of this story. This is truly a story that has to be fully played more than once for it to be understood, and one has to play the entire series to truly understand the situation.

My brain isn’t that great, I had partly to rely on internet to get to the truth. And I can now truely appreciate what the writers has done. It is an epic story, one that involved too much quantom mechanics for me (I mean, i’ve never taken a single class in quantom mechanics, and I’m not going to anytime soon, not if I can help it). I admit it, Remember11, I did not play you, you have played me. I am now utterly defeated and will never challenge you again.

And now, I’ll divert my full attention back to hunting doujins. I’ll post the ones I like when I’m done.


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