C74: Colorful dot

After 2 days worth of hunting across many forums and albums, I came across this.

Colorful dot is a release that’s a collaboration of many popular artists (the names are in the my tags and on the picture), and I absolutely love it (especially Misato Mitsumi, who drew the picture above). Basically, you get this CD which opens like a html file, and there’s a doujin and a lot of wall papers that comes with it. It also links to most of the artist’s sites (I say most because some of them don’t have a site). Here are some of my favorites.

My current wallpaper

Needless to say I’m extremely happy that I found it, and if you want it, you can download Colorful dot here.

The hunt is not yet over, more art posts coming soon…..


2 thoughts on “C74: Colorful dot

  1. I’ve yet to savor the spoils of C74, since the stuff I really wanted so far has yet to be released. That said, it’s nice to see awesome work safe artwork; thanks for this!

  2. You’re welcome! That said, the stuff I’ve been looking forward to the most haven’t been released either… I want my fancy fantasia, keiich sumi, tokiame and nagomiko!

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