Reliving the old favorites pt.1

Remember how a few posts ago I talked about a little project of mine? You probably don’t, but here it is.

In my mind, there are these old series that I watched or read some time (ranging from years to a few months) ago, they are in this special place in my heart where they will never leave. They are not like those tempoary obsessions with long shounen series, they are the old favorites that I will never forget. If you have time, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THESE SERIES OUT!

Oh, I forgot to add it, but unless I say otherwise, I’m talking about the manga.

I’ve written this post in this fashion:


1 sentence introduction

Why you should watch/read it.

Sailor moon

Magical girls fight to save the world and those that they love with a bit of si-fi and thrown in.

I had a REALLY bad experience with the anime, but the manga is GOOD. See, the mangaka actually killed off pretty much all the characters and let the girl sleep with the guy. We see the main character fall into despair again and again, but she manages to touch people’s hearts and bring the story to a close with a touching and warm ending.

Fruits basket

Girl finds out that the people she just moved in with turn into animals when hugged by members of the opposite gender.

One of the most popular shoujo mangas to have ever existed, and it’s popular for a reason. If you are going to read this, be prepared to laugh and then bawl your eyes out. Seriously, YOU WILL CRY. I don’t care who you are, Fruits basket has that kind of power.

Aishiteruze baby

A playboy finds out that he has to take care of his niece.

Don’t let the premise fool you, this is a very adorable shoujo series about loving other people. And the main character stops being a playboy a few pages in, so it dosen’t get annoying. For a very cute series with interesting characters and gorgeous art, read this!


12 thoughts on “Reliving the old favorites pt.1

  1. I watched a few sailor moon episodes with my daughter, but I really wasn’t into it. Fruit Basket started off being great, but I lost interest when Kagura left the first time. Now I know she comes back, and who knows I might pick the series back up at a later date, but I really did lose a lot of interest in it. I really can’t get into anime that focuses so heavily on boys and girls chasing each other like fools. Now I know there’s a bit of that in Naruto, and Inuyasha, but those are action driven shows, so they really kept my attention.

  2. @Ria: The sailormoon anime doesn’t exist. Nope, there isn’t one. Not at all. And none of these series fcous too much on the guy and the girl chasing each other, you have to look at series like peach girl or parfait tic for that. Also, I’m not talking about the anime.
    Let me elaborate:
    Sailormoon: the main characters falls in love with the main very early on, and pretty much stick together for the rest of the series, so there isn’t that much chasing. There really isn’t that much love in the minor characters.
    Fruits basket: More about discovering the different sides of the characters than love, though love does play a big part later on. I can only remember 3 instances where one character actually chased another, and this is a long series.

    Also, action driven? I’m sorry, the fights in the naruto anime (I’m assuming you’re talking about the anime here), especially the later ones, are so slow that I don’t consider them fights anymore.

  3. Fruits Basket failed to move me to tears. It did make me fall asleep though. Although, I watched it while in high school, which was full of angst and love torment, so I was probably a bit cynical towards those shows.

  4. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Fruits basket, then gave up on it and just followed the manga. From what I’ve heard the writers changed the story significantly.

  5. ok i ‘ve never watc…….. read sailor moon but it looks interesting i fell in love with fruit
    baskets freshmen year and WAS obsessed i still write fanfictions and watch youtube video’s about the series love it so much my fanfiction is Kyo’s Second chance by cutie09sofine. and those idiots that don’t understand that choux hated the sailor moon anime so choux pretends it doesn’t exist gosh some people are just idiots T-T

  6. @ Choux: There is a Sailor Moon Anime and I’ve watched almost all the 200+ episodes of it. I even have a DVD of the anime. But just like the author, I’m more into the managa-verse of Sailor Moon. The anime didn’t do any justice to the manga.

    I also love Fruits Basket but I prefer the manga better than the anime 🙂

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