Code geass r2 ep 19… damn it

First, let me say that I couldn’t watch the first half of this episode, it was just too much…

Second? This is one of the most emotional episodes of Code geass that has ever aired.

When Lelouch knew that he was going to die and the last thing he did was to get Kallen to safety, even though it would hurt her…

When he allowed himself to show a little bit of his feelings…

When he’s giving up. When Rollo’s trying so hard to save him. When the music box style song by Hitomi started to play…

I knew a long time ago that Rollo would die, but I didn’t care then. Damn it, Sunrise! Why did you have make it so sad?!?! I haven’t cried like this since Kamina died….

You know what the worst thing is? In the middle of Rollo’s escape my computer crashed on me, again. I’ve then rebooted over 5 times since then. I just formatted this computer 2 weeks ago! Why is it dying on me?!? Am I going to end up like Lulu or something? What did I do?


6 thoughts on “Code geass r2 ep 19… damn it

  1. @agitoblues: I just hope they don’t do that with Suzaku, cause you KNOW that the moment you start liking a sunrise character, something bad’s going to happen to them and then you won’t be able to hate them ever again. And I really want to keep hating Suzaku.

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