Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo first impressions

WOW. This really IS the spiritual successor of parfait chocolat second brew. I’ve only been playing this for a little while and I’m already impressed. Here’s how the story goes so far:

Wataru lives on a small dorm on a small island, and a new transfer student (Rinna) who lives beside hates him because of a misunderstanding which involves her waking up in his room wearing only her underwear. Now, the guy is the type that’s a total moron, barely thinks with his head, a bit perverted, means well but only does the right thing some of the time; so he declares that he will make her become friends with everyone in the dorm. (His personality is kind of like that of Kamina from TTGL)

Sounds stupid right? I thought so too, but this story was pretty funny so I read on.

Wataru then tries his hardest to make her become friends with the other people in the dorm, but it backfires pretty much all of the time because of bad timing and misunderstandings. Finally, they decide to have a bet with an upcoming marathon. If wataru loses, he’ll have to move out. If he wins, then Rinna will have to eat dinner with everyone in the dorm from then on.

The problem? Rinna is very good at running and even got a high place in the national championship. Then there’s also that problem as the school is trying to close down the dorm. They can’t close it down if there’s more than 5 students in the dorm, but if Wataru moves out, then they can close it down and sell the property. So, in order to make him lose, a teacher (an old wrinkly ugly annoying guy), using the pretense of having him take make up exams, forced him to work in the classroom with sleep or food the day before!

The whole story involving the race was just so exciting, and when Wataru crossed the finishing line I just can’t help but laugh. The aftermath? A celebration party that involved people spraying beer at each other. It’s really stupid, but it works in bring this feeling of happiness to the reader.

This scene was just so touching and sweet that I was laughing while tears came out of my eyes. I’m a person who cries easily, but it was really very well done.


2 thoughts on “Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo first impressions

  1. Awesome zettai ryouki in that first picture. Does her character design justify the show? Wait, you said it was good…(the curmudgeon in me says “the degree of hotness exhibited by one character is inversely proportional to how palatable the show actually is”)

  2. This isn’t a show, so that rule doesn’t really apply lol. I don’t think that the art for any of the Giga games are that great though, thankfully their good stories help the games sell.

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