[LWC 60] Musings in Anime Music (15): BGM in Natsu no Sora

↩[LWC 59]

Because embedding is acting pretty stupid. (And because I accidentally deleted this post)

This song is pretty nice anyway. In fact, there is a lot of “Irish” music in Natsu no Sora. I don’t really know if it’s classifiable as “Irish”, though this is perhaps a stylized music as its flows through cultures and receives the influence of various composers and arrangers. In that sense, there probably isn’t a dissimilarity with Clannad’s lack (but not total lack) of “Irish” music.

The little trill thing in the beginning I can’t notate since I don’t know what the hell it is – can’t count that fast, though two grace notes surely aren’t it?

In this episode, they had a nice musical contrast between this and the singing of “Guitar Girl”, which was nice as well. The Superman song was enjoyable – I think it was just a vamp between IM7-IVM7, which is all too reminiscent of Satie’s Gymnopédie No.1. Not to say that’s a bad thing; simple is good, and both songs demonstrate that.


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