Oh wow, new Umineko patch’s out

Wow, the group’s really working at a lightning speed this time, as the entire first chapter’s finished! Go get it now, Bern-sama commands you!

Along with the good news, I’m slowly falling into despair as I cam supposed to be at anime evolution right now, but they changed venues, which caused me to lose the people I was going with and my ride. With the way things are, I can only go on the last day… weeps tears of sorrow….

Hmm… just wondering, but are any of the readers here going to AE?


4 thoughts on “Oh wow, new Umineko patch’s out

  1. AWwwww CHoux I can’t help it its just that its expensive!! I could prolly lie but still my mom didnt let me go!!!! u shud ask kara?

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