Remember11 review

I made this short.

Remember11 was developed by KID and sold in 2004 as a sequel of the popular infinity series (which included Never7, 12riven, and the very popular ever17).  While it was originally made for the ps2, I’ll be reviewing the Taiwan version of the PC port today.

Premise: 2 people, Cocoro and Satoru, has pretty much no connection with each other, save for the fact that they are both trapped in a place where their life is in danger. However, they are in different places and has no idea who the other person is. What makes this story so special? For some reason, their minds entered each others bodies!

Story: 9/10

It’s confusing, it’s too long and too short, it messes with your head, it’s addicting and it’s oh SO GOOD. The game keeps you interested in what’s going to happen next and never lets go of the suspense. There are only 2 things that I have a little problem with:

1. You have to go through all the bad endings to fully understand the story, and even then the ending is still as confusing as hell.

2. The game doesn’t really tell you what happens, you have to think and figure it out yourself.

While that may be a bit of a hassle, it makes the game feel much more rewarding.

Art: 8/10

It’s improved from Ever17, and the overall game has a painting-like feel to it. Sadly, a few of the poses look award, the style of the  event CGs don’t match that of the stand CGs, and the SCGs look like they were taken straight from the ps2 and dragged out to fit a 800×600 game instead of being of a higher resolution.

Music: 8.5/10

There’s a lot of thought put into it and it matches the atmosphere very well, but I wouldn’t go and buy the soundtrack.

Voice acting: 7/10

I didn’t really find a problem with it, but nothing really impressed me wither.

System: 2/10

I thought it couldn’t get worse than memories off5, oh buy, was I wrong. This one was BAD. The effects used in the opening menu was bad and too slow, the text box has a minimum reading time that was too long for me, the whole system might have worked well in the ps2 but is very bad in the PC. There was nothing in the system that was better, in any way, than any game that I have ever played. I just wish the company had actually put effort into porting this game.


Art: 8×2=16/20

Voice acting: 8.5/10

Music: 8/10

Programming: 2.5/10

Total: 80/100 B

It’s good, and I can recommend it to anyone who wants to try it out. Just remember to ignore the system and take notes on the story (seriously, get a pen and paper, you’re gonna need it).


2 thoughts on “Remember11 review

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  2. err,I don’t really understand what do you mean by “bad” in Remember11’s programming… I thought that was decent.The speed of text box isn’t that slow (and for me,that isn’t a big issues either),and there are hardly any difficulties in shortcut.. (press S to save,and press backward to see log…isn’t this also part of the programming?)…I guess that was decent,and not that bad.

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