Iriya no Sora

A short little 6 episode OVA which talks about a boy and a girl and their relationship together. When I first heard about this, I thought that there would be no way that I’d dislike it, that feeling carried over to when I was watching it, until I got to the third episode. See, the art was clean and stylish, the animation was solid, the music was pretty good. I liked the first episode and loved the second. Then the art quality fell thought the basement in the third episode, and the story got weird. Yes, weird.

You know that feeling you get when the story feels like it’s coherent but there are random events popping up all over the place and the characters act strangely? I got that feeling with Eureka Seven, and I got the same feeling here. It feels like nothing was explained and nothing was solved. If you watched it and you understood it, I have a few questions for you, in chronological order:

Why does she have those orbs in her wrists? Why did Asaba try to shield Iriya from a person who clearly knows her and is there to pick her up? How come even though his memories are supposed to be suppressed, he still remembers what happens that night? When did he get his memories back? He didn’t have it when he saw Iriya at school. Why did Iriya say that she wish it was a real air raid? She doesn’t want to launch, right? Why did the guy tell Asaba to pinch her inner thigh? Why did he have to inject something so huge into her? Why did the door open then?

Why was there a playground in the middle of the desert? If the war has been going around for that long then why are there only 5 pilots? Shouldn’t the military be manufacturing more of them as the war went on?

What’s with that awful music that played when Asaba went out on his bike? Isn’t that supposed to be an emotional scene? I know it’s the dance music but that’s just too ridiculous. How did Asaba know who was in that plane? Isn’t he supposed to dance with her? He just ran and spun around!

How did the 2 girls manage to eat so much? It should be physically impossible given the amount of food and the size of their bodies. Just who won? Why did Iriya have to call? Couldn’t she just have called before she went eating? Isn’t she supposed to have military training? How can she forget something important like that? Just what happened with her hair? Why was the teacher so dazed? Why does the injections have to be in her chest? why did the nurse stab her instead of injecting the drug in? Why did the nurse get so mad? What was the president’s secret code about?

Why was there water and electricity at an abandoned school? What’s with the weird rapist guy? Just WHERE exactly was she keeping that knife? How come Asaba’s attitude suddenly changed after he got the cat? What’s with the memory suppression? Just what did Iriya and the ghost walk about?

Was Iriya going to die if she didn’t regularly take the drugs? If that’s true, then why doesn’t she always carry her drugs with her? Just what IS the war about? How come the news reports all say that the war’s over? If Iriya could kill people and damage things so easily, why was she so scared of the rapist? Oh, even though she didn’t recognize him all that time, she recognizes him NOW? What happened with her memory problem? Why did he suddenly shoot? Why did Enomoto want Asaba to kill him? Oh, and speaking of him, what’s with those random anger fits? How come Asaba isn’t in jail for murder? What happened with the president exactly? What did the crop circle mean?

Where is Iriya? Did she die? What did she fight against? Why didn’t the ending tell me anything that I wanted to know about?

There was so much lost potential…


8 thoughts on “Iriya no Sora

  1. I’ve been wondering for quite a while why exactly I grew to dislike this show half-way through, but I think it may be for the same reasons as you stated.

    As for all of your questions, I’m sure the novels made far more sense, the anime just failed at trying to sum it all up in six episodes.

  2. Oh dear. So much of beauty of the series was lost on you. Revisit the show when you gain more years and experience in life.

  3. I think the large number of unanswered questions is actually part of the charm of the OVA series. They’re the same sort of things that an average citizen like us, or Asaba, would be kept in the dark about, and it gives us a taste of the powerlessness Asaba must have felt.

  4. Needs moar Rockwell Incident.

    Also, this is now relevant to my interests, I’ve been meaning to start this show but I haven’t. FAAAAAAAAAAAILAGE.

  5. Most of the questions can be answered – I will answer them randomly. I rewatched the series “multiple times” and I just couldn’t come to a statisfaction without a discussion. Although there I can see a lot of questions, most of them can be answered. Simply put it Asaba and Iriya are in love with each other and Iriya is scared of revealing her identity as a Black Manta fighter. The needle work I guess are just adrenaline shots and I guess the chosen sight of the heart is not misplaced…it has a reason. I am however confused at the rapist part of it in Episode 5 which I have written a post in ANN myself asking such question. I am also curious about the symbol of the so you called it crop circle.

    The war in the plot is Human Vs Alien. But also a war internally against the ownership of this new technology that can be piloted by Iriya herself – perhaps for world domination? It is my assumption that Iriya is needed in the final confrontation against the alien – and this final battle decides the fate of humanity and Enamoto (much acts like her handler or some sort) is the head of the Roswell project which is responsible to restore Iriya’s depression after shooting down Erika – another Black Manta pilot who is closed to Iriya. The foreshadow of the opening shot is actually Iriya having a locked on target on Erika’s vessel. Having taken Erika’s life, she hates herself and fall in depression = lost of combat prowess in the final confrontation agaist the aliens. Before Erika’s death, Erika was the thing Iriya treasured the most – element to her motivation. Now after August, this motivation has been lost. Since she is now the only pilot being able to fight off the alien – she is a valuable asset to save the world, therefore it has been decided that her motivation must be restored finding another MOTIVATION for Iriya – Asaba is the man. And from then, Enomoto befalls the responsibility of slowly recruiting Abasa to becomes Iriya’s motivation…but it turned out more natural and successful than he thought. The quote “it well better than expected” when Enomoto points his gun as Asaba threatened to shoot…reveals such motif.

    However, Enomoto has no intention of killing Asaba. First off, is Iriya does survive (I would like to know if she did), I wonder how she will react knowing her lover is shot dead during her absence. Secondly, Enomoto wanted somebody to kill him for his selfish motif – of using Iriya – young and innocent …as the sole savior of the world. He regrets doing so, which made him said “I will be going to hell first” or something like that. So he was happy when Asaba P90 him several times until it ran out of ammo. Was Enamoto dead? I don’t know. Perhaps not, otherwise he will be in jail?

    IMO, Iriya is not dead, otherwise the battle would be a lost and the world would be dominated by these illusive aliens which we don’t even see it appeared once in the series (I think the opening shows a glimpse of those triangle blocks??). Hope this answers most of your question. If you still unsure or if you can find anything that can answer to my question, drop by on my IMEEM account and leave a comment

    Or send me an email on

    with the subject Iriya no Sora

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