Anime Evolution 2008

The cover art of Toheart2 Anotherdays

Well, I could only go for the last day, but it was still enjoyable (even if the ticket prices were 40 dollars). My friend took the majority of the photos, and she’s refused to share them with me, saying something about wanting to post it in her forums first… So, I don’t have any photos of people to show you. Anyway, there were 2 things that I remember really clearly:

First, when the group of people I was with were walking between buildings, there was a big gust of wind and the aforementioned friend shouted out, “KAZE NO STIGMA!” I burst out laughing.

Second, there were some eroges on sale at the convention, and I was looking at them because toheart2 anotherdays was there and that was a game that I was looking forward to playing. I then scanned the rest of the products and was muttering to myself about which ones I had and which ones I didn’t, and the guy who was standing next to me stared at me weirdly. Is it just so weird to have a girl who’s interested in that? Konata plays them and no one really questions her (finally got down to watching lucky star, just finished episode 3. I really like it, especially Kotana. I think that it’s easy to relate with her and she has an instantly likable personality).

What I wanted to buy but couldn’t find: a good quality artbook.

What I wanted to buy but was not permitted by my wallet: Lots of stuff. Read on for photos of stuff and more words from me.

Cute… just too cute…Imagine the amount of money in that…I haven’t seen or heard anything about Shana in a while, this brings back memories…Somebody better start translating Little busters soon

I entered the mascot contest, but this is the one that I think is going to win. Even if the pose is a bit off, the coloring was very nicely done.

What I bought: 2 keychains and volume 2 of Hibiki no mahou (excellent manga, written by the guy who did Kanon, Air, Clannad, and planeteerian. Needless to say, I love it to bits and cried while reading it).

Now that I think about it, I really like tear jerkers, dramas, mystery, and giant robots. A thought just occured to me: Imagine if Takumi Nakazawa (writer of the infinity and the memories off series), Ryukishi07(writer of higurashi ad Umineko), and Jun madea (writer of Kanon, Air, Clannad and hibiki no mahou) joined together and made a story involving giant robots…

That would be the greatest story EVER.

Also, I got stuck in the karaoke room for a while. It was scary…


6 thoughts on “Anime Evolution 2008

  1. “Somebody better start translating Little busters soon”

    Last I checked there is a group working on it, they also released the trial edition already.

    Lol, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience the stares recieved from being a girl interested in eroge yet. Almost old enough to legally be buying them, so I’ll have to wait just a little longer. 😀

  2. But none of the writers you mentioned dabble in the mecha genre. How would that work, now?

    Well, Rewrite has Ryukishi07 working as one of the scenario writers and Maeda doing QC work, so that’s two third of it. Except without the mecha, because Key doesn’t have mecha in it for good reasons.

    (Also, Maeda had no part in Planetarian. It was written by Suzumoto Yuuichi instead. And Maeda did one (two) scenarios in Little Busters.)

  3. @Anonymus: ?
    @Shavelle: Ah really? That’s great! See, I thought that they were only working on the demo and that’s it… hehe, didn’t really check
    @Sylon: It works because giant robots only have to look good! All they have to do is incorporate battles into the plot in a coherent way! (Seriously, I don’t care how the mecha is written as long as they are well designed, flashy, and has some decent animation to go along with them. The only exception was Rahxephon where I was too confused about the plot to appreciate the beautifully designed rahxephon). Oh, he wrote in little busters? I thought that he said that he was going to quit writing and only work on music. Or did he say that before the announcement of rewrite? I can’t remember anymore…

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