Code Geass R2 episode 20

The moment I saw this, I thought, ‘oh crap, QUALITY’

After I watched the episode, I thought, ‘oh crap, that bored me.’

Funny the evil faces always look great, even if the majority of the episode looks bad.

I’m getting sailormoon flashbacks here. If you don’t know, Tomoe almost died in a fire but miraculously survived and was used by her dad as an experiment for electronic implants, to the point that blood no longer flows through her body. But, the experiment failed, until aliens came and infected her with an egg. That egg saved her life but also contained an alternate personality which took over her mind.

You didn’t think sailormoon was so si-fi, did you?

Looks like Marianne is more than a smiling mother surrounded by adorable children and glitter and flowers…

Well done, Suzaku, I hate you even more now. However, an angery Gino is a cute Gino, so applause for that!

Okay, wait, A SWORD? No guns, no bombs, A SWORD?

That looks AWESOME.

First, how come no one noticed Anya parking on the ship?

Second, I understand that cheese-kun’s important to her, but…

Third, she re-gains her memories THAT easily?

Fourth, save him? From what?

Fifth, why did C.C. hesitate and not say anything about saving Lelouch?

Those twisty black things? Creepy, very very creepy…

We need more penguins!

With the way things are going, I’m gonna guess that C.C. and Marianne are going to show up before Lelouch dies and keep him alive for the next 6 episodes. Though I have to wonder about what the black vine things are actually going to do. I don’t think that Lelouch actually trapped Charles in there though, I’m pretty sure that he can exit from any of the other gates all around the world. (Though it’d be pretty funny if he accidentally wound up in antarctica and then Lelouch made the gate explode and trapped Charles there.)


2 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 episode 20

  1. Totally tossed together. Oh BTW, CC’s memories are back. Oh BTW, Marianne isn’t dead and has a Geass that lets her inside Anya’s head (or something like that…?). Confusing, poorly-paced, blah. For all the crazy revelations in this episode, it should have really had that Geass Bang-Zoom-Wow! factor.

  2. Well I guess Suzaku is just living up to his job class with that sword, though that cheap bastard sword was no match for Bismarck’s Excalibur.

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