C74: Hanabi

This time, I’m also giving you a digital bundle from many artists! This release is named Hanabi, and contains gorgeous art from many different artists. You can buy the CD which contains all the wallpapers in 5 different resolutions, bitmap format, a pretty web page, and wallpapers which feature effects but no illustrations, or you can get the all the wallpapers in jpeg form at 1600×1200 minus the effect wallpapers in this little bundle here (65mbs). I was planning to give out the CD too, but it was almost 300mbs and was going to take 10 hours to upload… Plus, I’m sure no one would want it anyway.

Even though this is a collaboration between many artists, the main artist is Sakurazawa Itsumi, who created the above illustration. This image pack also included wallpapers from a CD that she sold at the last comiket. That CD happened to be named Chronological, and hunting the elusive did a review and release on that here. There are many images in this image pack that feature touhou.

For those of you who do not know, touhou is this insanely popular doujin scroll shooter in which I died within 10 seconds for my first 5 tries. After that, I just quit. Yup, I have no talent at those games whatsoever (it’s one of the reasons that I only stick to VNs).

This is my favorite picture.

Oh, and this is work safe. (except for a pictures which the girl’s wearing underwear, oh, and there’s also a swinsuit picture too, but they aren’t that bad.


2 thoughts on “C74: Hanabi

  1. Oh, I know, generally, I don’t like that artist too much because her characters always look really young and her coloring is kind of floaty and light. But I really like how the coloring is done in her recent drawings.

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