Lucky star has changed my life…

See, I just kept watching it when I was supposed to be doing a lot of other stuff and now my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer… At this rate, I won’t be able to finish cleaning my computer before school starts.

Oh yeah, has this ever happened to you? You know, when it’s less than a week from the start of school but you haven’t even realized it and then you see the calender and you make a face like this.

But, I really don’t regret watching this show. The music’s good (the opening gets stuck in your head but you never get tired of it), the animation is solid, the art’s adorable, the voice acting is superb, and the story? Well, some parts were a bit slow, but I always thought it was interesting. There were a few things that really stood out for me.

1. Comiket. I love that episode.

2. The concert. Waaaay too cute.

3. The cosplay cafe. Aya hirano did a great job at her voice acting there, and Yuki showed up.

4. Kanata. I cried there… those musical flashbacks always get me…

5. Catching mosquitoes. I don’t know why, I just remember that really clearly.

While I didn’t like characters like Yu, Tsukasa, and Miyuki (sorry, idiots and moe blobs don’t really click with me), the overall cast was very interesting. My favorite characters?


Because like me, she’s lazy, does things at the last minute, and spends way too much time on the computer. Other similarities: I stopped growing in when I was 12, I don’t really read books, and I can cook.


Because her drawings are awesome.

Watching this has even affected my way of drawing. Below is a semi realistic representation of me when I’m thinking about how weird it is that garlic salt wastes like meat (well, my hair’s supposed to be longer, but…)


10 thoughts on “Lucky star has changed my life…

  1. Ahh the picture is so cuuuuuute!

    And the Haruhi cosplay is adorable.

    “Oh yeah, has this ever happened to you? You know, when it’s less than a week from the start of school but you haven’t even realized it and then you see the calender and you make a face like this.”

    I am very familiar with pulling that face… XD

  2. ..Yu, Tsukasa, and Miyuki…

    I think they served their purpose as far as parody goes. But that said, I liked Tsukasa (cell phone 😀 ).

    Glad to see every time someone likes the show. I think it was treated overly harshly; it’s more than just a Haruhi commercial.

  3. @Sakura: Thank you!
    @otou-san: first, just let me say this: god, typing that felt weird. Second, I think it did too. All the people calling it a badly made Haruhi clone, saying that all the budget was spent on Clannad and things like that is the primary reason I didn’t watch this until now.
    Also, how do you make those quote? It seems that people are putting quotes and smilies everywhere but I have no idea how.

  4. I’m making that less than a week from school face right now. Went by so fast. Those are pretty much the same five scenes for me too. Especially Comiket and the Kanata scene. God, I love Comiket in anime…I want to go~! Though I bet it would terrify me in real life.

  5. @Fuyumaiden: let us make that face together! I agree with you about the scary part though, ever since I left china I’ve had this slight fear of large crowds…


    P.S: Kagami is moe~

    P.P.S: You should have included Konata GET and kagamisip

  7. One of the best anime EVER 😮

    I wasn’t sure about watching it at the start , the first episode was kinda boring to me but i’m glad i watched all 😮

    Because it’s just awesome , different from the other animes but just fun and cute to watch 🙂 and i LOVE the comiket episode ^^

  8. i really dont like konata
    i mean i have a lot in common with her (like everyones watching this anime)but just dont like her
    i prefer the cute tsukasa shes just adorable

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