When I was in Sakura Media yesterday, I saw…

For those of you who are wondering, Sakura Media is the most well stocked store involving anime in the greater Vancouver area. Anyway, I saw…

Hiro Suzuhira’s Chronicle, Aoi Nanase’s 7 colors of the wind, Ito Noizi’s Guren (by the way, I actually bought the second book), Nao Goto’s Galaxy’s Child artbook,  and Girls girls girls 1 and 2. I already have scans of all of those books, but I just like the feeling of having a book in my hands. I almost bought them, especially Chronicle and Galaxy child, but I didn’t buy any of them (they cost around 50 dollars each and I just don’t have that money), but instead bought the second volume of style school (which I loved).

HOWEVER, just because I didn’t buy those artbooks doesn’t mean that you won’t. Look at these pictures and be hypnotized into buying them… Or at least get scans of them, imported artbooks cost an arm and a leg. Oh, and there are some links too.

Chronicle. This is one of those things that I’d be happy to share with everyone, but sadly I don’t have the bandwidth for it. Fortunately, other people DO have the bandwidth for it, get it here (get each picture separately) or here (batch download. Instructions: scroll down a little bit, click the first big blue square button, then the link at the top at the page in the yellow box. It’s 241mbs). Warning: the pictures are HUGE. The ones I posted here are only 1/4 the size of the original scans.

Nothing on Aoi Nanase because I think she just got worse and worse after she did angel dust.

Nothing on Ito Noizi because I already did a post on her.

Galaxy’s child

Girls girls girls is a collection of art, so there are a couple of different artists in there. They are from both books.

I wish I had the money for all of this…

And another thing, wordpress sucks at handling images! This post nearly killed me.


12 thoughts on “When I was in Sakura Media yesterday, I saw…

  1. I won’t argue that Sakura Media is the most convenient place to buy anime goods in Vancouver, but they overcharge quite a bit for all their items. You should try to order from amazon.ca. It takes longer, but the prices can be 20-50% cheaper sometimes.

  2. I KNOW what you mean when it comes to overcharging, when I bought ka-en, it was double the price of the original! Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a situation where I can’t order anything through the internet… I make myself feel better by telling myself that when I add in shipping, it doesn’t make too much of a difference anyway…

  3. Kinokuniya? I’ve heard of that store but I don’t really know what they sell. I’m pretty sure that Canada doesn’t have those though. *sigh… we don’t really get much…

  4. A lot of stores closed down near us so we pretty much buy everything online. We get our anime and manga a lot cheaper than we used to and don’t buy as many figures either.

    So I guess in a way its worked out for our wallets and saved us some space in the house. (says Sakura just as she adds another book cabinet for all the mangas…)

  5. Chronicle and Galaxy’s Child are great recommendations. I wouldn’t push for Girls girls girls 1 and 2 since it’s a mishmesh of good and mediocre artists.

    I strongly recommend Goto-P artworks


    and Mikeou’s illustrations too if you’re into bishoujos 🙂


    And personally, I got almost all my artbooks from Kinokuniya so I’m of the opinion having one in your area is all you need! 😛

  6. Don’t underestimate me lol, I already have both of mikeou’s artbooks (they were expensive, but it was worth it). And unfortunately, I don’t think there is a kinokuniya anywhere in Canada, sighs…

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