Naruto Chapter 414 – Bull On The Rampage

Awwwwww ain’t he cute?.

So after expending his energy to merge part of himself with Sasuke, Juugo turns into a kid version of himself. He tells Sasuke that he can’t allow him to die since he is all that is left of Kimmaro.

The Hachibi in bull form goes after the trio standing together and it looks like he’ll crush Sasuke, Juugo and Karin. But at the last minute Suigetsu puts forth a water barrier saving them.

This is what happens when you take drugs kids

Being a water based user he actually has the advantage in the situation although I’m pretty sure the Hachibi has him beat in the power stakes. He tells them to get going and he’ll hold the Hachibi off and they collide with explosive results.

The manga is called Naruto, NA RU TO, why am I hardly in it?

We don’t know Naruto, we don’t know, I guess maybe because you just aren’t emo enough…

I can lift statues no jutsu, AWESOME! (yawns) Next week Naruto will learn how to go super saiyan!

OMG Naruto actually turns up and he’s still training hard with Fukasaku. It looks like he’s progressing rather well as he’s able to lift a huge frog statue using Sage powers. Fukasaku notes that he’s picking things up faster than Jiraiya even if he is more foolish than the Toad Sanin was.

Current sychophants, well only one of them is really a suck up

And I refused their help because I’m a moron

Whilst watching his current team worry over him Sasuke relives a memory of his old team and that seems to spur him on as he activates Amaterasu!

Man at the rate Sasuke keeps using his doujutsu he’s gonna go blind a lot quicker than Itachi did.

So yet more hints the Emo prince hasn’t actually severed his so called bonds with his former team mates and so maybe there is still a glimmer of hope that he hasn’t completely forgotten his old comrades.

His icy exterior is beginning to melt and while he may want the blood of the village elders, just how far will Sasuke be willing to go to get to them. If it came down to it, would he be able to hurt his old team to satisfy his vengeful heart?

8 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 414 – Bull On The Rampage

  1. @omisyth, you and a whole legion of us would love to see Sasuke-baka get his butt kicked. I won’t forgive Emo Prince until he actually admits he’s been acting like a grade A ass hat for years now.


    I should look I bet there’s a Sasuke AMV out there to Linkin Park music, there just HAS to be.

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