This is loooooooooong overdue

Yes, after a long, LONG, time, I’m writing a post on manga. I’ve been meaning to write this for so long it’s not even funny.

In Airgear, our beloved (or maybe hated, I don’t really know at this point) team is fighting for their lives (they are in poisonous gas and will die in half an hour) and also for a chance to enter the tournament. I know that the people who are familiar with shounen series are groaning already (What? ANOTHER tournament? This is going to go on forever!), but this battle is very interesting, as our team is heading up against the sleeping forest from 14 years ago. Sure, I think that the pacing is a bit slow, but you know what? I’m really enjoying the battle.


I found this nice little series named Ann Cassandra, and I love it to death. Anyway, the story is about 2 very interesting people who are trying to “break predictions”, or calamities that they can see from the future. After 3 chapters, it’s a really good mixture of dark and funny, there is even a hint of a larger plot. The art is ver nice with a lot of crazy angles, and if you have the time to read this post, you should be going and reading this manga, RIGHT NOW.

The girl usually looks better than this.

I’m pretty worried that there’s going to be a rushed and unjustified HiwatarixRisa ending similar to that in the anime.

In stage 3 volume 22 of Dnangel (that’s also the third chapter of the 13th volume), Dark takes over and start a battle with Argentine, only to land Risa in danger. In order to save Risa, Hiwatari uses Krads’s wings… I think that the whole truth is finally going to be revealed to the twins, and I have to say this: FINALLY! But, I’m feeling more and more sad about Argentine’s love, and I hope that he can have be happy, even though none of the artworks up until now has had a truely happy ending.

P.S.: there’s more comedy! Dark x Hiwatari= lots of laughs.

Next, possibly due to Shoujomagic being agonizingly slow,  Yukuri, has started scanlating Parfait tic. I like a lot of series that shoujomagic is scanlating, but because they have A LOT of projects, they are always really slow (I waited for the next chapter of bxb brother for a LONG time, so much so that I’ve completly given up on it).  Anyway, I just finished the 7th chapter in volume 16, and it’s SWEET. Sure, the plot’s going nowhere anytime soon, but it’s enjoyable, and really adorable.


In chapter 86 of Full metal alchemist, we are viewing a full out battle between our heroes and Pride, who is adied by Gluttony. But, that’s not the point of this chapter, the point is this.

Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Throws confetti and candy into the air…

I’m going to finish up this post with something that’s high in adrenline, and that would be chapter 15 of deadman wonderland. To quickly sum it up: blood, fighting, dying, and tons of insane people. This is one of those series that I can’t praise enough, and this chapter ends with a big cliffhanger: everyone gave up everything to get a data chip to the outside world, but the whole thing was ruined by a small gesture made by someone unexpected…



4 thoughts on “This is loooooooooong overdue

  1. I’m so glad D.N Angel is heading towards its end, I’ve waited a long time for its conclusion. I agree on the “I hope there isn’t a rushed HiwatarixRisa ending.”

    I need to catch up with Fullmetal as for the others I haven’t read them. As well as my usual mountain of shoujo I’ve been reading Dogs for my current dose of carnage :).

  2. My gosh, I’m going to death in crazy mental state if Ann Cassandra has cliffhanger endings. this seems like just two tankoubon is not enough while the plot can be ‘played’ into something thrilling, brings up a new aura of shonen style.

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