It’s here and I’m happy: Fancy Fantasia

Fancy Fantasia (植田亮) is one of my favorite artists/doujin circles, and I tried really hard to get high quality pictures from him/her/them. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many floating around (though I did post 2 pictures in my earlier post ). That’s is precisely why, when I found scans of アリスと不思議な幻想世界2, I was absolutely giddy! It’s a bit short, but still really nice. Get it here.

I don’t know much about Fancy Fantasia outside of this doujin and 3 games, so I’ll just post a few pictures here, and hopefully you’ll love the art too.

空色の風琴 (a harmonica that’s the color of the sky)

そして明日の世界より (start from the world of tomorrow)

巫女舞 (miko’s dance)

Other art


8 thoughts on “It’s here and I’m happy: Fancy Fantasia

  1. oh my god. They’re all really pretty. So many vibrant colors!! I love these. And especially the last one, cause I’m a romantic sap.

  2. I gotta agree with Hoshi since I’m such a romantic sap myself I love that last picture. But my favorite is probably the third one in the colors and lighting are just gorgeous.

  3. @Kielmaru: Yay, thank haruhi there were other people who were looking forward to this.
    @Hoshi: Yeah, those crisp and vibrant colors are fancy fantasia’s signature look.
    @Sakura: I know, that picture just really popped out at me.

  4. awww the link to download the book doesn’t work anymore..Is there any way you can upload again? I was also wondering whether there was a pre equal to this book? thanksss

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