Sasuke 415 – A New Power

Hellooo Ladies!

No the title isn’t a typo, I just decided to call Naruto Sasuke this week since our hero’s appearance is only brief yet again, with the majority of the chapter being spent once again on the aforementioned Uchiha.

He’s a firestarter, twisted firestarter!

Awwww widdle Sasuke-kun has a boo boo.

Karin feels an itchy burning sensation, that could be Amaterasu, or it could be she forgot to apply that cream…

Ewwwwww and I was actually thinking about tapping that… not until she’s been to the clinic!

They aren’t in the clear however and the Hachibi doesn’t give up easily, thrashing around he comes close to hitting Karin and Sasuke saves her by slicing off one of the Hachibi’s approaching tails. However, she’s still too close to the flames and is hit by them, Juugo is all for leaving her behind but Sasuke manages to put out Amaterasu and orders Juugo to get her.

Using the same power Sasuke extinguishes the flames on the Hachibi and they take him and move out. Although Juugo notes that using the technique has taken a big toll on Sasuke.

Mist nin’s watching the battle notice the Akatsuki cloaks and the Uchiha Crest on Sasuke’s back and head back to report to the Raikage. Considering Killerbee (The Hachibi) is the Raikage’s brother its unlikely Mist will just let this go without some kind of retribution.

I am Naruto and I’m just as hawt as Sasgay!

As a bonus this week Naruto actually turns up in his own manga again! I know I know you’re all as shocked as I am. Seems Fukasaku thinks that Naruto is ready to try controlling natural energy without the frog oil. He tells Naruto that ninja techniques mean you use your own chakra and so you get tired the more you use them. With sage techniques since you use natural energy from outside not only will you not become exhausted you will recover quicker.

What’s that you say Naruto, do what now?

Naruto makes an interesting remark about now maybe being able to do something, but brushes it off as nothing when Fukasaku asks what he said. Fukasaku gives Naruto a book, he tells him that it is the first book Jiraiya wrote and that his heart is in the book. He tells Naruto he needs to read the book entitled, The Legend Of The Gutsy Ninja!

No Kakashi-sensei, its not that kind of book, at least we don’t think it is…

So his little outburst makes me wonder what Naruto was talking about exactly. Was he talking about his Rasen Shuriken which he isn’t supposed to use because of the damage he takes? Or is he talking about some other technique we haven’t yet seen. Because we all know one of the keys to defeating Madara is going to be Naruto updating his father’s flash step. Has he been taught it yet I wonder?

Anyway, next week its story time thanks to Jiraiya 🙂 which should mean less Sasuke, probably, maybe…


9 thoughts on “Sasuke 415 – A New Power

  1. @ xephfyre, hopefully this time Naruto will lay the smack down on him!

    @omisyth, yes another power gained, though they could probably use him to combat forest fires…

  2. Le gasp! could Naruto finally learn something about his own past. I mean he never mentions anything about his parents, not even sure if he knows who they are. Now he gets the book, his parents named him after the main character 😛

  3. @Sakura: Your right it is about time he learnt about his heritage, however thanks to that previous chapter where its all explained (Mostly) i know so i no longer care if Naruto finds out.

  4. @ Asch, ^-^ I think I’d still like to see his reaction to the news. I’d definitely like to see the reaction of all the villagers who have shunned him his whole life when they find out he’s the son of their beloved Yondaime!

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