C74: Carnelian

It’s now the middle of September, which means that the good quality, highly anticipated doujins are starting to get released. And, I’m really really really really happy that the Carnelian doujins are now out (there are two doujins, the first is a macross frontier h-doujin, and the second is a work safe short artbook. By the way, the image below came from said artbook.).

Born in September 21, 1973 as 远藤 直, Carnelian is one of my favorite artists. I don’t need to tell you why, because you can tell that her illustrations are beautiful. She’s widely popular, even before the artists like Ito Noizi had gained fame, and she has a large list of works (including a manga named 銀色のシィナ). The one interesting thing that I like about her art is that she does the illustration, including shadows in ink first, then color the lines in the computer, giving her art this elegant feeling (however, this signature looks is fading more and more as she’s slowly turning to a smooth and light CG style).Her works include:

Revolver (PIL/Flying Shine, 1998)
Re・leaf (シーズウェア, 1998)
MACHINE MAIDEN (evolution, 1999)
WAM-xxxnovel.wetandmessy.com- (PIL/Flying Shine, 1999)
D ~その景色の向こう侧~ (Pure Platinum, 1999)
アージュマニアックス ~伊隅四姉妹最期の日~ (アージュ, 2000)
White Angel (light, 2000)
レンズの向こう侧… (MINA, 2000)
恋ようび (ACTRESS, 2000)
将姫 (シーズウェア, 2000)
EVEZERO ark of the matter (シーズウェア, 2000)
颜のない月 (ROOT, 2000)
ひまわりの咲くまち (フェアリーテール, 2002)
ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 (ROOT, 2002)
梦鬼-Night Demon-(ALICE SOFT, 2003)
きると (CLOVER, 2005)
承平クンのHANI神ライフ☆ (ROOT, 2006)
メサイア (CORE, 2006)

桃華月憚 toukagettan( ROOT , 2007)

That is A LOT of games, and I’m sad to admit that I don’t have the cg sets to all of them. Of course, since she’s so popular, she also did A LOT of guest work, some calendars, and magazine illustrationg. I don’t have too many of those either. However, I WILL post here some of my favorite illustrations.

10 thoughts on “C74: Carnelian

  1. hihi~ im also a fans of Carnelian-sama ( sorry for my broken english lol…)

    i like her’s illustration very much~~~(heart~)

    im a carnelian’s fans from Malaysia (a country between thailand and singapore in south east Asia)

    I feel very suprise that there are also carnelian’s fans in US~

    Carnelian is my top 1 favorite illustrator for more than 5 years , my loyalty of Carnelian-sama didnt decrease although another good illustrator appear…….

    Carnelian the best~!!!

    and……. may i know that ……is there anyway to find the doujin work of carnelian of comic market ?

  2. Yay, another fan! I’m not in the US though, just a Chinese girl living in Canada. Though I have to congratulate you on your english. It’s good, especially if you haven’t living in a naturally English-speaking country.
    I only know about her works from c74, I have scans of her other doujins, but I’m not too sure about what they are. Unfortunately, I don’t know where to buy her doujins. But if you’re only looking for scans I can help you.
    okay, I’ll be sure to add that. (a friend of mine’s playing it right now).

  3. actually in Malaysia we learn english since primary school,
    but most chinese sudent in malaysia face grammar and tenses problem in learning english……..donno why i still confuse in tenses when the tenses lesson is repeated in class since primary school until college……

    Last time,few days after c74 , i search online for Carnelian doujin, but donno why can only get other illustrator work only……..

    so can you share me carnelian’s c74 doujin?
    Thank~~Thank you very much!!!~~~~em……through what methods?

  4. Oh, I knew that, I had to take English lessons when I was in China too. Now when I go back I secretly laugh at how ridiculous the classes are. If you want her 2 c74 doujins, I have the links to the scans at the top of this post.

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