LittleBusters Translation

Okay, there was a little problem with the last post, so I had to re-write this one.

As many of you know (I hope that many of you know), a english translation group is working on LittleBusters and has already released the demo in English (you know little busters, it’s made by Key, and they made Clannad, air and Kanon, so chances are you know how good it is). However, only a few minutes ago, I saw news of a Chinese translation group working on LittleBusters EX. They have also released a demo patch. Both teams seem to be working at a pretty good pace, and no matter which group finishes first, I’ll be happy (I’m not sure which team I’d like to finish first though. I mean, the Chinese translation will obviously have the extra paths and scenarios, but it’s been a long time since I’ve played something in English and I like reading English better).

Update: The Chinese group came out first again…


6 thoughts on “LittleBusters Translation

  1. I get all impatient with translation groups, so I’m just trying to learn Japanese to be able to play Little Busters. I’d succeed too if it weren’t for school (dammit, ruining all my plans).

    Though I can’t wait until I get to play Little Busters! somehow. Rin~!

    Well, if the Chinese version finishes up first, I hope you’ll give a nice review. I need more Rin!

  2. Haha, I agree with you, I started trying to teach myself japanese but then gave up due to lack of time and proper textbook. For now, I’ll just stick with the translations. Though, to be perfectly honest withanslated stuff (though to you, if I ever did learn Japanese I’d be facing the dilemma of what I should play and then waste toooooooo much time on VNs lol.
    Personally, I force myself to forget about the start of translations so that I can be pleasantly surprised when the proper translation comes out.
    Oh, and thanks! You are one of the few people who I know actually reads my reviews.

  3. Ooh, me too… All the bad press that it got right after the release almost convinced me to never tough this ever again, but now more good reviews are coming out and I’m convinced that this is going to be a good game to play.

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