C74: Ito Noizi

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, but fujibatsu machine’s new doujin is finally out! Like most of Noizi-sensei‘s doujins, this isn’t of that great a quality, especially when you campare it to her novel illustrations. But, it’s still nice, and the other member of the group (can’t remember his/her name) has improved a lot, to the point that I actually hesitated before deleting the images. I encourage everyone to get it.


5 thoughts on “C74: Ito Noizi

  1. Hard? What are you talking about? Her stuff is some of the easiest to get, a simple search on Google will pretty much get you anything. If there something that you are looking for but can’t find?

  2. He probably means hard copies. Some of us collect the stuff. That being said, I’ve been putting off Fujitsubo Machine’s stuff from this year. Should really get to tracking it down.

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