Quiz answers

Well, here they are, the answers to my questions. Check your answers and see how many you got right! This post was written before hand and during this week I would have had no time to see how many people answered. Hopefully this quiz led more people to try these great mangas.

The image from last time and this time are from the manga Watashi no Messiah sama. I really liked it, but it had a lot of faults, namely art that didn’t get good until the very end, confusing story, the killing of my favorite character while another just couldn’t seem to die, and the fact that my second favorite character got turned into a book. However, it’s still good, with some of the best ironically bittersweet love I have ever seen and some awesome fighting.

1. Hayate the combat butler, chapter 187. (I didn’t read any of the chapters before it, so this was really confusing for me. I mean, I’ve read up until volume 9, but that’s no where near this chapter. From the looks of it, however, there’s actually PLOT in this manga. GASP!)

2. Mistress fortune, chapter 3.

3. Negima, chapter 223. (Negi’s getting more and more awesome by the chapter. GAR is good.)

4. Shina dark, chapter 15.

5. Vampire knight, chapter 42.

6. Airgear, chapter 215. (Epis battle. Truly epic.)

7. Double arts, chapter 23. (I thought that the end was a bit disappointing, but it was sweet, and I’m hoping that the author will continue it soon)

8.  Soul eater, chapter 52.

9. To love Ru, chapter 114. (I think that this manga is really funny)

10. Tsubasa, chapter 197 (it’s confusing, and I really don’t get it anymore, but I’m reading it nevertheless)

11. Nabari no ou, chapter 50 (He didn’t have to die…cries…)


2 thoughts on “Quiz answers

  1. Who.died.in.Nabari No Ou?!!
    I saw that chapter and I absolutely do not remember anyone dropping dead….Or is my memory crashing on me?
    And Airgear….That girl on the penguin is simply not important at all…..

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