After I finished Aozora, a review

I have to say that the extra story and Akane’s ending were really good.

When you finish all the paths, the extra story is unlocked. It’s about what happens on the day after graduation, everyone’s last day at the dorm. It was very short but still really sweet, and at the end of it all the girls sing together with Wataru playing the piano. I’m a sucker for singing, and this song was sang with such emotion that I was tearing up.

Akane was one of the minor characters in the main story, but her story was funny, dramatic, and all that I expected from Aozora. Of course, I also LOVE her personality, which is optimistic and just a bit hyperactive (those characters tend to click with me and make the story enjoyable, unless you are talking about the monstrosity that is Kyouran Kazoku Nikki). But most importantly, her story focused more on Wataru himself and how he came to deal with his depression. It’s easily the best story in the entire game (and it’s the shortest too, that’s a good thing since I thought that the other paths were just a bit TOO long).

You can find all the information in the wiki page anyway, so I’ll just talk about how I feel about the game as a whole.

The story was a tad boring at some places, but there was still a good balance between the comedy, the romance, and the drama. There was a mystery that went on through out the entire story which only got solved within the last second, which was a nice little touch by the creators. I didn’t dislike any of the characters beside the antagonists and Naoko, and Wataru is one of the most interesting eroge leads I’ve seen. He’s smart but doesn’t use it on his studies, a bit lazy, a total flirt, plays multiple musical instruments, popular with his classmates, and a complete moron who comes up with insane, stupid and dangerous plots to try and get the girl that he loves. In other words, he’s the complete opposite of that guy from Love hina.

The art is acceptable, but it’s simplistic and could have been better.

The voice acting was good, but I didn’t love the voices until I heard the song at the end. I was blown away at how great and touching the song is. There were a lot of tracks and most of them were excellent, but there were a few mediocre tracks in there too.

The ending to the side story, I LOVE this song, of all the songs that I heard where the female characters sing together, this is THE BEST. I don’t care about hare hare yukai anymore. This beats it.

The programming is superb. You can’t get better than this. It lets you do ANYTHING that you could possibly want to do with an eroge, the characters move, and you actually see little things like a character moving through a window! There are no faults, none at all.


Art: 7.5×2=15/20

Voice acting: 10/10

Music: 9/10


Total: 81.5/100 A

Is it worth playing? Yes. Did it have a lot of lost potential? Yes. Will it leave you with a good feeling? Yes. Would I recommend you to play this game? If you have already played Parfait, then that’s a big YES. Of course, I’d recommend it even if you haven’t seen Parfait, and it’s especially good is you’re feeling tense and want to relax with a simple but not too addicting story.

2 thoughts on “After I finished Aozora, a review

  1. No, they are stills, it’s just that they move around when one of them bump into another or when a person jumps up in surprise. Though in the ps2 version the characters blink and moves their mouths.

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