Before finishing Aozora

This is just a little post on how I feel about Kono aozora ni Yakusoku wo. I haven’t finished the true ending yet, so this is just a post on the different character paths. There is going to be a bit of spoilers.

Naoko Asakura is the student council president and stereotypical mature older woman type. I COULD have enjoyed her path, but her personality just annoyed me too much. So he loved her, but she rejected him, then agreed to date him, then broke his heart on the same day, then had sex with him, then made him promise never to tell anyone? And after that, she deleted all of the girl’s phone numbers on his cell even though she’s not in a relationship with him? What’s wrong with her?

Miyaho Rokujou is the rich girl in the dorm; she has a fun personality and can be pretty funny at times. Her story was pretty interesting, even if it wasn’t great and the ending was a bit boring.

Shizu Fujimura is the quiet loli, and I have to say that I don’t like her path. The main reason for that would be the sex lessons. Yes, the girl’s pretty innocent and the school there apparently doesn’t teach the students about the human body, so Wataru (the protagonist) teachers her. Ugh. Another thing is that she’s supposed to have a bad relationship with her parents, but the story never really expands on that.

Saeri Kirishima is the childish teacher, and her story, despite being pretty funny, just didn’t grab my attention.

Umi Hayama is the sterotypical crybaby childhood friend who’s pretty, good at cleaning, cooking, and gardening. Generally, I don’t like these servant like existences, but her story was good, and at the end of it I was cheering them on and honestly enjoying every second. The one awkward thing is that she refused Wataru’s confession at first for one of the most ridiculous reasons I’ve ever heard.

Rinna Sawaki  is a tsundere who woke up practically naked in Wataru’s bed at the beginning of the story, and I was looking forward to a good reason that she was there. Unfortunately, it was only because she got mad at her dad and ran away from home. But, she’s still my favorite character, as her story was both funny and touching. One moment was particularly memorable: when Rinna got angry and Wataru thought, “is this the legendary Shakugan no Rinna?”

Overall, it had a lot of wasted potential, and the story relied too much on the girls’s personalities rather than plot. Still, I’ll be playing the true ending soon and I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Before finishing Aozora

  1. I liked Naoko’s path the best. She’s just too smart and crafty for her own good so much that she is not very honest and roundabout with her feelings. She also made her early love interest (forgot his name) to make Wataru feel jealous and intend to anger him by making him tell Wataru that she is a boring person or something like that.
    Her reunion epilogue with Wataru is very sweet too. :love:

    Akane’s scenario is pretty interesting too, I guess. Wataru v2! lol
    Yakusoku no Hi (Promised day) scenario is pretty sad.

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