Very, very hard…

I’m playing this game called Dear pianissimo, anyway, the plot is boring and I’m not going to bother with it, but it comes with this mini game where you try to play anime and game songs on your keyboard (it used to only play songs from THIS game, but some fans buffed it up with a million other songs from series like Utawarerumono, toheart, fruits basket, gundam seed, Haruhi, trinity blood, and stuff). Anyway it’s hard, and having 6 years of piano training doesn’t help one bit (the notes scroll by and it’s hard to get the timing, plus the keys follow the background instruments instead of the main melody, it’s killing me). But that’s not the point of this post. The point of the post is this:

Some fan ripped Yuki’s guitar part from God knows. It’s as hard as hell and there’s no way that I’d be able to play it (DID I PRACTICE ALL THAT PIANO FOR NOTHING? HOW CAN I SUCK SO MUCH AT A GAME THAT TRIED TO DUPLICATE THE EFFECTS OF A PIANO?!?!?)

After 3 hours, I gave up and deleted the game, swearing never to play it ever again. If anyone wants it, I can upload it to mediafire for you (if you only want yuki’s song it’s just under 100 mbs, really tiny. If you want the rest of the songs then it’s over 2 gigs.)


20 thoughts on “Very, very hard…

  1. lol i cant play piano nor i use the backspace key on my keyboard like its my bible..:P

    i’ll probably delete it after 1 minute of installing it or maybe die of frustration and stress 😛

  2. Ah, I think I might have given out the wrong impression. The majority of the songs are easy (anyone with a sense of rhythm and working fingers can play), it’s just the select few that I’m stuck on, namely Yuki’s guitar solo.

  3. I am sorry for giving you a potentially addictive source, Choux 😦 Finishing all level of smashing is very impressive! 🙂 I just finished a couple of them when I was trying it out.

    If you get addicted to these kinds of games easily, try to conduct some introspection. Ask your self why you keep playing and answer honestly.

  4. Or an Xbox 360 and a copy of Beautiful Katamari, Oh I love that game.

    Although there should be a level where you can continuously run over the King of the Universe, he’s so damned rude!

    Actually really what I want is Okami for the Wii and I’m so excited for next year. NEW STREETFIGHTER! Oh I am gonna whup all kinds of ass on that game!

    I dug out Star Wars Rogue Leader the other to play it on the 42 inch screen. OMG sweeeeeeet!

    I love video games…

    The professor on brain age is gonna frown at me though, its been over a month since I did any brain training! XD

  5. @ Choux, that is true enough. There are so many games that I want, but since most of our entertainment funds go on manga and or anime, that leaves little over for games. So I only get one once in a while.

    Curse you Kitsune, D.J was playing bloxorz. I turned it off because it was 2:30 in the morning, but when I have free time I WILL be back to play more! XD

  6. Sure, but I don’t know which file server I can use. It’s around 300 mbs after I’ve added all the original songs and the Haruhi songs, where do you want me to upload it to? I tried mediafire, but it’s too big.

  7. Thanks!

    Well, you could upload it at or

    Or wherever you want, i dont care of it 😉

    I just want to download it =P

    Thanks again!! 😀

  8. Sorry for replying late, i almost forgotten it 😦
    I dont know if its just me, but when i try to download it, it never starts… :S

    maybe its because i came late. u.u

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