Vote for a new banner

Something big is coming up and as a surprise, I decided to ask the readers about which banner this blog should use.

1. Random Mai hime picture that I got from somewhere

2. A plain one from the Idolmaster art book

3. From the same art book

4. A picture from Keiichi Sumi (a post on him is coming soon)

5. By Pixel phantom, who is currently my favorite artist (love love and more love!!!!).

Of course, these aren’t final, if anyone has any suggestions on an image or an idea, drop them in a comment (PLEASE drop some, I’m BEGGING you!).


11 thoughts on “Vote for a new banner

  1. You have five banners ready to use and you want to make more? I’ve had five banners on my blog total. Greedy~! You don’t get any images or ideas from me. I’m hording them all now! (Not like I have any though)

  2. Number 3. It’s an indisputable statement. It has conviction and is backed by concrete evidence. You guys DO rock, and will keep on doing so. Now, if only we could find out where Hoshi is…

  3. Hmm I like swords and since no-one actually finds me scary I wanna be feared RAWR!

    Omisyth (HUG) you ROCK also. Hoshi’s fingers are recovering from her game 🙂

  4. It seems that you are treating a tagline and an image as one thing. Shouldn’t it be two separate issues?

    1. I like the clean design, but don’t like the character. You also might want to change the font to Helvetica or other sans-serif. Alternatively, you can use some kind of a cursive like you have on other banners. Just don’t leave the font as is.

    2. A bird swimming in abysmal ocean of her eyes is always a good thing 🙂

    3. Too shiny

    4. I don’t like the character and the contrast between the words and the background is poor. A darker text perhaps.

    5. Vibrant colorful picture, but, again, you might want to adjust the contrast of the text.

    Overall, I like design of the banner 2 as is, and design of the banners 1 and 5 with some adjustments.

  5. @Baka-Raptor: Next time, we will have Shizuru. I will make sure of that (the game made her my favorite character in the whole franchise).

    @Hoshi:Yeah… I kinda noticed that… well, these aren’t supposed to be final, so I can get away with being lazy…. right?

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