I have 3 reasons to be happy

1. The new episode of Code Geass was great.

2. This blog has reached 1000 comments.

3. This blog has reached 50,000 hits!

Yeah, the new banner was made in celebration of this (Pixel phantom won by  2 votes), now I’m giddy (with just a little but of sugar high thrown in). Hopefully one of the other writers will write a proper post on this.

My expression when I saw:


5 thoughts on “I have 3 reasons to be happy

  1. Congratulations on 1000 comments and 50 000 hits! 😀 You have a great team on this blog, and I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

    The current banner turned out very well 🙂

  2. The expression picture is so damned cute!

    Thanks Kitsune, the girls are all great and I have to agree the banner is pretty cool.

    I can’t believe we’ve had that many comments and hits already.

    Tres awesome!

  3. Wow, haven’t noticed the stats, and my friend recently sent me heads up on CG.. :] But I’m happy cause the banner looks so dang cute!! Awesome job~

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