Naruto Chapter 417

Mist Nin are scary looking (Um Suigetsu, Kisame!) and the Raikage is no exception

Akatsuki messed with the wrong hidden village, the Raikage is NOT happy at the fact they attacked and kidnapped his brother, the container for the Hachibi.

Kids this is what happens when you abuse frog oil…

Could you keep still if you’re life depended on it? Naruto is about to find out.

So Naruto’s sage training enters its final stage, with him now attempting to feel natural energy without frog oil. To do so he must keep still and we all know how hard that is for Naruto. Luckily, Fukasaku has a method for teaching him to be still, but of course, it’s not very easy…

Back with Akatsuki, the team is recovering; Karin and Suigetsu seem well on their way as they verbally fight with one another. Juugo still looks like a young version of himself and Sasuke, is well Sasuke.

Suigetsu asks the Uchiha if he will really be given the power of the Hachibi. Sasuke says that he has no idea, but that he doesn’t think he’ll need to rely on it anyways. He doesn’t elaborate to Suigetsu but thinks to himself that he has a new power, strong enough to destroy Konoha.

So, I figured going by Sasuke’s thoughts in the chapter before last, that although he said all that crap to Madara, he doesn’t really intend to kill everyone in Konoha. But his line about having a new power to destroy Konoha certainly makes it seem like he meant every word he told Madara last week.

Itachi you sly weasel you?

Then again, he could just be stating that he is powerful enough to destroy Konoha, not that he is intending to use that power to bring it down. Not that I think he’ll be able to anyways.

Not because he’ll have an emotional epiphany but because Itachi lived up to his name and certainly was a sly one. During this chapter when Sasuke thinks of bringing down Konoha his vision gets blurry and it looks like he might be in some pain.

So to me it looks like while Itachi gave Sasuke his eye techniques he also put in a failsafe. So if Sasuke tries to use his gained powers against Konoha they won’t work.

Or it could just be that Sasuke has been abusing the powers of late and we all know that constant use of the Sharingan and its eye techniques can have a debilitating effect on the user.

I’ve also been pondering once again what power Itachi might have given Naruto. As I’ve said since Naruto doesn’t have a Sharingan then I doubt Itachi gave him any of his eye techniques since Naruto would be unable to use them.

So my feeling is that Itachi gave Naruto the ability to cancel out any techniques of Sasuke’s that are related to the Sharingan, or quite possibly gave him the ability to control the Kyuubi just like Sasuke.
With Sasuke, dead set on heading towards Konoha maybe it will be revealed to us soon.

Back to the manga though, Karin senses someone’s Chakra outside. The Raikage really didn’t waste anytime and has ninjas hot on the trail of his brother.

Sasuke and his team take care of one such ninja, but not before the mist, Nin was able to send a summons back with information.

Zetsu and Madara now wait for Pein in order for them to be able to move forward.

Samui’s team?

Back in mist they are awaiting a report from one nin concerning the enemy’s location, once received they will be sending out four teams to rescue Killerbee, the Raikage’s brother and the carrier of the Hachibi.

The Raikage wonders why Konoha hasn’t taken care of Sasuke and makes an interesting comment about how the Hokage took care of ‘Hyuga’ swiftly enough. That really makes me wonder what that is all about…

Realizing the ninja they were awaiting information was from is now dead or incapacitated. The Raikage orders the team to determine the general location of his brother from the information they had and to search from there.

He tells his subordinate to get word to Konoha that they are going after Sasuke Uchiha and tells her to get “Samui’s team” as well as arranging a summit of the five Kages to discuss Akatsuki

On the final page we get to meet this special team of Mist and they look like a pretty cool bunch ^-^.


12 thoughts on “Naruto Chapter 417

  1. Yay more training! As well as EMO-ha “I’m just going to kill everyone” Sasuke! It gets to this point where you just wish it would END. Or maybe that was around 20 chapters ago…

  2. Omisyth, its most definitely been a frustrating read for a lot of this year. The Raikage looks like he might be getting things moving so hopefully things are about to pick up.

  3. So, the Raikage is finally making his move huh? He also wanted the 5 Kages to have a “meeting” to discuss about this Akatsuki team.. I guess Naruto Chapter are getting warm up.. But I have a feeling that Itachi isn’t dead yet.. I think he is still somewhat, alive.. I mean, Itachi couldn’t be killed that easily.. I wonder..

  4. @Hoshi, that combination is popular in England too. We also like French Fries (called Chips in England, we called potato chips crisps) with curry sauce!

    A picture of Kakashi-sensei? YAY! You are awesome (GLOMP).

    Hajimemashie vahn, I hope you will enjoy our posts and enjoy commenting on them in the future ^-^

    @Mystery, it certainly does look like things are getting set in motion. Its true it seems like Itachi was killed easily, but he was ill and had already given some of his power to Naruto, so he was weakened when fighting Sasuke.

    Or maybe Pein will use his body, that WOULD NOT go down well with Sasuke I would imagine though.

  5. “””Mystery
    So, the Raikage is finally making his move huh? He also wanted the 5 Kages to have a “meeting” to discuss about this Akatsuki team.. I guess Naruto Chapter are getting warm up.. But I have a feeling that Itachi isn’t dead yet.. I think he is still somewhat, alive.. I mean, Itachi couldn’t be killed that easily.. I wonder..””””

    Yauhhh um that wasnt eazy killing Itachi-san and second thing Itachi wanted to die he was deathly ill and sic almost “poisned” by his eye techniques. Second i noticed that the eye techniques are proably taking the same effect on sauske. He wont use them that much, because he may go completely (legally blind) like his brother did. Last of all i think itachi gave naruto knowledge of something naruto had no idea about. not any special techinque…and i think when he says it to sauske it will change the complexion of what this is all about. Somehow Akatsuki and the uchihas and Hyuggas had something in common.

  6. @ Djrakk, Well the Uchiha and Hyuuga were once of the same bloodline and then at some point they split off into the clans they are today (or were in the case of the Uchicha). So yes it wouldn’t surprise me either if the Hyuuga were somehow wrapped up in this too.

  7. About the Hyuga thing, isn’t the Raikage referring to the time when Konoha forced the Hyuga to give up Neji’s father in order to compensate for the death of the ninja that attempted to steal Hinata? I wouldn’t think that they’d suddenly introduce a new Hyuga plotline at this point; the Hyugas are pretty much done with. I don’t think they’ll cover the Hyuga-Uchiha split, seeing as Madara is about as far as they’re willing to go on the history of the Uchiha.

    Unless, of course, the Hyuga and Uchiha are somehow related to the Rinnegan in some insane plot twist. Wouldn’t put that past Kishimoto.

    As for Sasuke’s eyes, hasn’t it been said that overuse of the Sharigan will deteriorate the user’s eyes? It was like that for Madara and for Itachi, so why not Sasuke?

  8. @ maggeh, I totally didn’t think about that I guess it could be related to the kidnapping incident. Although I wonder how much of that is known outside of Konoha and Lightning since those were the two villages involved.

    I guess it depends on how close the ties are between Lightning and Mist. But considering the Hyuuga are such a high profile family in Konoha I suppose an incident like that would have been a huge thing. So it is perfectly reasonable to assume that’s what the Raikage was referring to.

    But as you point out given that the Uchiha, Hyuuga and Pein all use Doujutsu techniques they could be in some way I related I suppose.

    I agree its unlikely Kishimoto would start off on a new tangent this far in, but then again I guess it depends on how close he is to finishing Naruto. For all we know he may still be a long way off.

    As for Sasuke, I’m sure overuse will deteriorate Sasuke’s eyes since just use of the normal Sharingan would. Itachi’s eyesight was so bad because he kept his Sharingan on a lot.

    It seems that using the techniques Itachi gave him is affecting Sasuke very quickly. Which is why I wondered if Itachi had put in some kind of failsafe. He always was adept at thinking ahead after all. Or it could just be that because he didn’t develop those techniques himself naturally, but had them just given to him is why they hurt Sasuke so bad. Since his body isn’t used to the drain they put on him.

    Although Itachi’s fail safe in case Sasuke didn’t do things the way he wanted may just turn out to be whatever power he gave Naruto.

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