Con Status: Virginity STOLEN [Thoughts on AWA14]

So after all that decision making, I did go to AWA. And well, it was great for a first encounter.

Wow, my hand looks all wrinkly in the background~

The Summary

  • Mostly played Anima, an table-top RPG on Friday
  • Went to Dealer’s room, wandered around the artists’ gallery, and pictures of cosplayers on Saturday
  • Ran into sweaty people, waited in lines, and stared at the cosplayers on both days

That’s about it.

What We Will DO better NEXT time

  • Plan out which events to attend
  • Cosplay – did I forget to say that I was the abnormal one? I was dressed in jeans and an American Eagle top. Scary. (Friends are thinking Street Fighter for next year – but unfortunately, my leg muscles aren’t as gi-mongous as Chun-li’s legs, so we’ll see.)

What Sucked/Sucks

  • Having my eyes scarred by some cosplayers (I’m really sorry, but I saw one character that I thought was cosplayed by a man till I realized that the cosplayer had BOOBS and was a girl… Of course, I’m an arsehole for saying this. Sorry.) And Man-Sakura. But he was kinda funny. (If you really really want to see that, just tell me. But I doubt you do?)
  • Missing the Yaoi stuff at nigh. Bad for a fujoshi.
  • Having to figure out how to take all my stuffs back to California…
  • Seeing NO Macross Frontier cosplayers, and NO Macross Frontier goodies. Man, I’m let down. WHERE’s My ALTO wallscrolls?!!!
  • No “Scar, Harima Kenji, Maid Guy, DMC, or Aria cosplayers” *cough cough Baka Raptor* Does this make you happy?

What Rocked

  • Seeing people dress up. It was like Halloween come early.
  • Seeing a TON of people who are obssessed with anime like me. I don’t really see much of that in Cali. Maybe I’m blind?
  • Some cosplayers rocked it. At least I liked them. And the jrocker look alikes are always welcomed.
  • Buying all my stuff.

What I Got from AWA

  • 2 Card-sized Prints (which I won from RPG-ing)

  • A D’espairsRay T-shirt and the GazettE poster (cause I’m a hardcore J-rocker fan) – oh and if you saw the Reita, leave a comment. Hell, if you are the Reita guy, leave a comment. I took a picture of him on cameraphone cause he was the cutest thing there.
  • A Giant Wallscroll of Lulu and his harem. Cause I thought he looked just so damn cool, and this will give me incentive to catch up.

  • 3 Prints from the Artists’ Gallery. It’s chibi Kamina, L, and Kira. Too bad I couldn’t buy the whole set, but these 3 8×11 prints cost me $20 already. There was Yoko, Naruto characters like Rock and Hinata, and even Phoenix Wright (And the L drawing wouldn’t scan in, so I webcamed it. I’m lucky – the artist said I took the last one.)

… And Finally, the Cosplayers

If you see yourself and you want to be taken down, contact me. But generally, that shouldn’t be the case, right? You’re cosplaying. :]

All credit goes to my photographer friends (Tyler and Kyle). Here are some of them:

Best Ryuk I saw.

Best Ryuk I saw.

Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

Blair and Death Scythe

Blair and Death Scythe

Even has the book

Even has the book, this one's for you Sakura.

Saw Dark Pit, Marth, and Pikachu, but sadly, no Ike.

Saw Dark Pit, Marth, and Pikachu, but sadly, no Ike.




Cutest Yoko, imo.

Cutest Yoko, imo.

Fooly Coolyyyyyy

Fooly Coolyyyyyy

Gears of War is what the guys say. I don't know, but they're GOOD cosplays.

Gears of War? I don't know, but it's good.

… and let us not forget pedo bear. Who we never got a picture of, because he as so elusive.


18 thoughts on “Con Status: Virginity STOLEN [Thoughts on AWA14]

  1. Hoshi, you have a talent for making good article titles πŸ˜‰

    Too bad that you’ve seen what can not be unseen 😦 Well, you did have some fun, so it looks like your overall impression is positive πŸ™‚

    “Seeing NO Macross Frontier cosplayers, and NO Macross Frontier goodies”

    How could they! That is just so evil! >:| I bet next time you’ll see more of them though πŸ™‚

    Congrats on your winning in RPG πŸ™‚

    Looks like you brought some great loot home. I especially like those chibis. hehe

    It seems that con went quite well for you. Are you planning to attend another one in the near future?

  2. So many wrong things to say… but one thing I was just going to mention is that there are some rather good Sheryl cosplayers out there. Just not so many at American cons, given that most of the people who go probably got into it via Naruto… πŸ˜›

  3. β€œSeeing NO Macross Frontier cosplayers, and NO Macross Frontier goodies”

    Forget the macross cosplayers, where are the strike witches?! πŸ˜€

    And that picture of Spike, I had first thought it was a male version of Ranka. hehe.

  4. Well Actually, Ther were two Reita’s that I know of. And “Justin” Thoug H e did come in all of his “Super cool amazing 200$ Dollar Outfit >.> I made mine all on meh own. ^-^


  5. Hahahaha you’re post title is awesome!

    Congratulations at popping your con cherry!

    Uh oh the sound of that one cosplayer is really scary but YAY Kakashi-Sensei looks great!

    Boo on the peeps for not dressing up as anyone from Macross Frontier!

    @Baka-Raptor, YAY Maid Guy Ninja’s!

  6. It looks like you had a fun time. I’m glad (and a teensy bit jealous).

    But yeah. I hardly ever see Macross F fanworks from America, so I kind of figure they’d be rare at conventions too (though you can find anything at the bigger ones).

    It mostly sounds like standard con shenanigans from your report. Which on its own makes me feel a little weirded out. Why is that stuff standard!?

  7. wow sounded intense…i haven’t been to convention yet either and I don’t think I’m really planning on going anytime soon not that I don’t want to but time is short and I’m busy espcially in college but those pics were interesting good post

  8. @Kitsune: Haha, thank you! I wanted the title to be interesting :]
    And yeah, the chibis are cute, aren’t they? Hopefully the artist will start selling online? I don’t know, but I loved L with the cupcake :3. Don’t know about another con, but I’m thinking about Fanime next May, since I’ll get out school before then.

    @Haesslich: right. I saw a ton of Naruto and Bleach. Some were good, some were.. okay. There WAS this one Grimjow (spelling?) who totally rocked the outfit though. Looked pretty handsome too.

    @bakaneko: haha, probably cause of the green hair, right? Hmm. Strike Witches? I have no idea. You need to attend RaptorCon 2008 for that.

    @Reita: And I didn’t see you? Expect an email from me. :]

    @Baka-Raptor: No Sunday, but then again, I already went to the Dealer’s Room 500 billion times and did everything I wanted to. So I’m happy. And we’ll see next year. Are you doing your Strike Witches costume next year too?

    @Sakura: Haha, man Sakura was funny. He was acting all coy and girly. πŸ˜›

    @omisyth: Yoko IS hot, ain’t she? You shoulda been herrrrreeeee. Fly over next time. Maybe she’ll cosplay as Yoko next year too.

    @FuyuMaiden: We should go to a con together. However, I have no idea where you live. :] I’ll make that on a future goal list, when I’m outta college. Standard Con Shenanigans? Explain?

    @adaywithoutme: Lol, whoops. I forgot Suzaku. Actually my friend got the other wall scroll with Lulu, Suzaku, CC, and Kallen. But his was like a bright blue, and I so do love emo colors…

    @blitzero21: thanks. you should, at least once. :] Good experience, I suppose.

    … To no one in general: Did I miss anyone? I don’t think so.

  9. @John: Wow. Small world. Whats the chances of you stopping by?

    :] Anyhow, loved your costume, it rocked. πŸ˜› Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next year!

  10. Yeah. I am kindof out on a quest to find pics of myself. As I’m sure you noticed.. I was kindof bombarded with pictures and my group and I had no time to take picture of ourselves. I might go as Ryuk again next year because I really wanted to enter the Cosplay contest.. but it we got there too late 😦

  11. Aww, I’m sorry. ;] I can send you a bigger version of yourself? Just leave a comment here, or use the contact form. And yeah, when we saw your group in the Panel of Doom @ 7, we were wondering why the best Ryuk costume there wasn’t in the Cosplay contest. Really could’ve beaten everyone else out. πŸ˜› But anyhow, your entire group should go as Death Note next year then!

  12. Funny thing, we are planning to do that. My friend (the female Link) is gonna go as Rem. It will probably be a lot of work on both our parts.. I will do my best to improve my costume (Wings, maybe?) and we will enter/walk around like that. But sure, I’d love it if you could send me a high resolution version.

    It was sad.. it kindof put me down in the dumps that I didn’t get to enter, because I really did. I wasn’t thinking “Oh, I can win this easy” but this was the first “real” cosplay I had ever made and so I wanted to see how it measured up. But oh well. I will probably wear it again at Momocon this spring and enter a contest there if there is one.

    Thanks again for the high resolution shot! Were you just gonna post it or did you need my email?

  13. Hoshi: I’m way up North in Massachusetts. My first real Convention is going to be Anime Boston. Though I plan to go down to Otakon this year too (if I get the money).

    Oh and standard con shenanigans, just you know, the average goofing off. Cosplayers (specifically cross-dressing ones) and other fun things to see. Stuff that’s standard fun (or non-fun when people ruin it)…for an anime convention.

  14. @John: Already got your email, I’ll send it to you once I receive it. πŸ˜› Sorry, my friend was the one who took the picture, and I currently don’t have it.

    @FuyuMaiden: ahhh gotcha. Wow, that’s far away from me… Maybe someday? :]

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