Code Geass r2 Ep 24 (whew)

wanted to write an extremely long post on this episode, but I’m too busy playing D.C.II so I’ll make this short (I wrote whew on the title because after the a few bad episodes, Code Geass’s good again). By the way, D.C.II is actually really good, especially the line below, where the best friend (one of the best looking best friends who has ever lived… isn’t he pretty?) talks about how the main guy has a harem but doesn’t appreciate it.

“Make sure you’re careful or you’re going to get NICE BOAT’ed”

Of course, that’s just a line inserted by the translates, but it’s hilarious all the same.

Now, why did I bring that up? Because Lelouch didn’t treat his harem with enough respect and fear, and for that, he will pay dearly!

#1, Kallen

Even though he tried to help Kallen, he did 3 things wrong. First, he got too close to her, which will cause her to become jealous at the thought of him wanting to kiss C.C. (girls in love can sense when the guy she likes if about to make a move on another person); second, he was too human with Kallen, making her regret not stopping him when she had the chance; third, he was too stupid with her, if a girl kisses you you should make some attempt at a response, especially if you’re as good at manipulating people as Lelouch is.

Verdict?  FAIL. This haremette wasn’t treated right, and will now wreck havoc with her overpowered mecha.

#2, Nunally

Most guys dreams of a imouto with a DFC in their harem, but I don’t think that many people will want Nunally given the way she’s been acting recently. (Her open eyes are CREEPY, it’s even worse than Kanon’s eyes). What did he do wrong? He made her feel useless, which caused her to feel guilty and ask for the switch. He SHOULD have sent Orange to Nunally on an infiltrating mission and retrieve her first. You know what people say, if the haremette is physically far from you and doesn’t talk to you for weeks, she isn’t a haremette.

Verdict? FAIL. Now this stubborn little girl is going to kill everyone.

#3, C.C.

He let her do too many dangerous things and left her to die by her self for a year, but, C.C. is actually quite well managed and never did anything to hinder him. However, he should have given her more piolt lessons (that would have made the cat fight between her and Kallen so much more awesome).

Verdict? Win. Unless she actually died in the explosion, then it would be an EPIC FAIL. But of course, we all know that there’s no way that she’s dead.

#4, Tianzi

Didn’t try hard enough, FAIL. Now she will rally the countries and throw bananas at him (I’m still affected by D.C. II, playing the robot  girl first).

#5, Kaguya

Hmm… he treated her well enough, but he made her cry when there was no reason for to. However, he DID get the maid to help free her, and we can clearly tell that Kaguya still care for him…

Verdict? A slice of pizza, because that’s just the push that she needs to go back to his side.

#6, Shirly

She didn’t show up in this episode, but I like her and will put her here.

He loved her and let her love him, but then he let her die and that’s just not right. He should have never let her stay with Suzaku (doesn’t he remember what happened the last time Suzaku got together with one of his haremettes? He just doesn’t learn!)

Verdict? Fail, big time. No amount of sunrise plot amour can make this right.

#7, Nina

Well, she started out bland, then turned psycho, but now returned to normal due to the power of love! I swear, when I was watching her trying to hide and waiting for the bomb, I was sure that she’d say Rivalz instead of Euphie’s name. Anyway, she’s completely on his side and looks pretty good to boot.

Verdict? her innovation saved everyone, now get her into better clothes and all will be right in the world.

This will never cease to creep me out. If anyone’s sexuallt confused, this will be the 1 thing that can force them to makeup their minds.


One thought on “Code Geass r2 Ep 24 (whew)

  1. … I WILL catch up soon. :] At least I’m almost there, enough so that this morning I was too tired and failed to wake up for class because I was watching Code Geass all night.

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