Da Capo II: Minatsu first impressions

She’s first and foremost a tsundere and I dislike her voice, which is why I played her first (I like to start out with my least favorite character and work my way up). The story’s interesting and is moving at a pretty good pace, with some really funny moments and some moments that were just really sweet.

There are some things that just make my laugh, for instance, Hana yori Dango and everything that Suginami’s involved in (the guy’s a comedic GENIUS!). But of course, this is a romance after all, When Minatsu fainted and woke up on Yoshiyuki’s lap, the whole thing was just adorable.

You know, despite this game being 2 years old, it has some of the best art I’ve EVER seen ANYWHERE (and that’s saying A LOT), I just wish more games had this kind of quality (I was looking through some of the games that were released during C74, and they didn’t look all that hot.


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